There are so many brands of wheelbarrow air compressors out there in the market. It may be a difficult task to choose the best one for you. You need to know their specifications from the physical features and mechanical to be able to choose a perfect one. Below are some of those features to look for in the best wheelbarrow air compressor.

Type Of Motors

The motor in any wheelbarrow air compressor determines its power and level of functionality. Manufacturers of these air compressors have ensured that their brands have the best motors to deliver a high horsepower. The horsepower of an air compressor makes or breaks it.

Those with a high horsepower function effectively compared to those with a low horsepower. Also, those with a high horsepower tend to use minimal fuel especially over prolonged periods of time. The wheelbarrow air compressors that have a low horsepower use more fuel as it needs more juice to fuel it.

Oiled Compressors

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers have come up with a way of making the wheelbarrow compressors advance as well. While there are compressors that use oil, there are those that don’t. This is a personal choice for you and also depending on the type of work you do.

Compressors that don’t use oil are not as popular as those that use oil. If the smell of oil doesn’t please you, a compressor that doesn’t use oil would be best. If the compressor falls, there will be no oil that will get spilled and get into the cylinder. They’re however expensive and don’t last long. Compressors that use oil are however efficient and durable. You need to take caution so that oil doesn’t get into the cylinder. Otherwise, it will catch fire when you switch it on.

Ability To Deliver Airflow

Every tool out there including wheelbarrow air compressors use a certain amount of air to function. They’re made in such a way that there is sufficient amount of air going in and coming out. So if you use your wheelbarrow compressor in a place with insufficient air, it will slow down. When it slows down, it will use a lot of fuel to keep it running. It’s advisable to use your wheelbarrow air compressor outside where there is sufficient supply of air.

The Capacity Of The Tank

This is how much air that’s compressed the tank stores. Wheelbarrow air compressors can have a large or a small tank capacity.

Getting an air compressor with a large tank will help you run air before the air compressor starts working again. This can be very effective if you’re in a hurry. Compressors with large tanks can be beneficial to those tools that need a very high level of air or during those days you use those tools continuously.

The Cycle

Most if not all air compressors are made in such a way that they function for 60% of the time and stay idle the rest of the 40%. Why I this necessary? When the air compressors are in use, they may develop heat. This heat isn’t good for the motors and the compressor itself. So overworking it may make the machine wear off quickly.

Final Verdict

Anytime you’re in the market for a new wheelbarrow air compressor, and I’d recommend choosing a larger one. They’re more efficient are easy to handle. It will also create room for when you buy other tools you can use the air compressor with.

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