This spring beauty trends continue down the path of organic, natural products that contain as few chemicals as possible and still do an incredible job of other, harsher skin care products.  Celebrities near and far are on the hunt just like you, and we’ve listed some of the best picks purchased and adored by (or even created for!) your favorite celebs.  When choosing items that will make you look your best, you’ll want the perfect line up.

In the shower

Simplicity is key for spring so that you spend less time indoors and more time enjoying all that this season brings.  A soap that doubles as a shampoo while in the shower will be looked on with skepticism by some, but soap + shampoo actually does the job and usually incorporates an aromatherapy experience with citrus, mint and spice.  Use this type of soap every morning on your face, body and even your hair (includes color treated hair) to feel clean, energized, and ready to tackle your day!

The Cleanser

The first part of your beauty regiment should be about cleansing.  You’ll want to start with fresh, clean skin, and your best bet is to use something with as many natural ingredients as possible so as not to irritate your skin and cause any issues down the line.  Aloe milk cleanser is the perfect choice. It will remove dirt and make up but leave behind your skin’s natural protecting oils.  You’ve never seen an oil based cleanser with such a creamy consistency, and no matter your skin type, this will work for you.  Celebrities love that it bonds with all of the impurities lodged into your pores (make up, sebum and dirt that gets collected during your busy day) and pulls it away.  Just use a little cleanser with a soft cloth and work it into your face and neck in circling motions, then rinse!  Aloe milk cleanser is typically infused with an aroma blend of pink grapefruit, geranium and blood orange but also comes in various concoctions.

Purifying Serum

A serum is the next step in your beauty regiment. Purifying serum is the workhorse of your beauty products team. It will penetrate pores and release toxins that we all accumulate from the environment around us.  It will alleviate blemishes and melt into your skin to provide you with the age defying relief you need.  Amazing for not only preventing irritating blemishes, but also keeping skin looking fresher and younger!


You’ll revel just like the celebrity fans that have discovered good toner mist.  A toner with no preservatives and a date on which you can gauge the freshness of its natural, organic ingredients is a beauty product like no other.  A good choice of toner uses sea fennel, fresh aloe vera juice, and organic immortelle essential oil to stimulate healthy cell growth, firm tissues, reduce puffiness, and revitalize damaged tissue.  It should also include the antioxidants and vitamins your skin craves and will deliver visible results that will keep you coming back for more!


An all over face cream with the scent of Canadian grown organic berry seed oil is one that you’ll want to get your hands on!  Cream that is berry rich works as a daily moisturizer on all skin types and even works as an eye cream to reduce puffiness and induce that natural glow.  This formula includes probiotic extract which allows skin to release dead cells quickly and more easily, leaving you with only the freshest looking skin to face the world.

Pucker up!

Don’t toss your lipsticks yet, but lip balm is definitely the lip cover of choice on the runways for 2017.  Celebrities are snapping up unscented and organic lip balm these days.  The luxurious balm will protect and renew even the most chapped lips using rosehip seed oil, organic jojoba, organic safflower oil, and fair trade cocoa butter to provide your precious pucker with all of the goodness it needs.

Don’t forget our guys!

What’s in this spring for men?  Well if your guy sports a beard, he’s in luck, because the celebrity pick that we’ve chosen will be right up his alley.  Beard oil will leave his facial hair soft, shiny and smelling so good you won’t want to let him go.  Cedar and black spruce combine for a beard oil that won’t irritate skin, grape seed and jojoba hydrate, and evening primrose helps with the finishing shine.  Rosemary strengthens hair growth while lavender heals blemishes and calms.  It’s a winning combination for the man in your life.

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