Car covers are an important product of a car to protect it against the elements of the weather, to protect its color and bodywork. Dirt and sap from plants and Bird dropping can also damage the car color. They keep prying eyes away from the items in your car. They are also an obstruction for criminals who will surely think twice to thieve a car with car covers on. Some can be fitted with locks as well. They can be categorized as

  • Indoor: These are required when parked inside the garage area. A light car cover can be used for regular use; the heavier material can be used, if it is parked in a garage which recognizes many activities of children, animals etc. to protect it from dents and bumps and if it is not taken out too often. In addition, they should be mold resistant.
  • Outdoor: These are usually water-resistant, high strength polyester materials that are built in with special polymers to pollutants, shed dust, water, and tree and bird droppings. They are also breathable and UV resistant, enabling any heat or wetness stuck between the car and the car cover to remove easily.
  • Custom: They are specially designed for your car. They fit every shape of your car and don’t slide or rub against your paintwork
  • SUV: SUV caravan and truck covers are a classification that is bigger than car covers, but is merely made out of the same material
  • Universal car covers: Universal car covers are poor quality all-encompassing vehicles, which are loose, enabling the tough elements in beating the very purpose of a car cover. They also tend to rub against the paint. They can be used to seal your vehicle in for a longer period, much like a massive zip-lock bag for protection.

What is the best color?

If your car is a light color, it is best to go for light-colored ones. Light colored materials are also recommended for brighter environments. If you are in search of such design, you could go for an exciting color.

Fabrics options

They are merely made out of microfiber and polyester, with improvements like flannel dinners. For the cars about to be newly launched, smooth and silky polyester that just curtains type to cover the car, describing its figure is available. Most are ultrasonically laminated, making them dust proof despite the fact remaining soft and breathable against any fine paint finish. They are also designed for easy storage.

How to buy a car cover?

Most suppliers have a catalog of the car producers and their design titles. All the client has to do is indicate the design of his car. With the full information of the product and simple secure payment sites available on the website, distribution is assured. There is also a toll-free helpline number should the person have any question.

What are the guarantees that a person should look for?

  • Excellent client service
  • 100 % free and fast shipping
  • Perfect fit guarantee
  • Endless life-time warranty
  • Money back guarantee
  • Price security guarantee

Should I buy a waterproof car cover?

We will not suggest! A good car cover fabrics are water repellent, but not waterproof. Most of the high-quality car covers have been cured with a durable water repellency suction during the production process, so they keep normal rain from infiltrating. However, the fabric also inhales, which allows moisture build-up or condensation or other moisture to disappear through the coverage. Moisture that is stuck under a waterproof car cover can cause mildew and staining if left for a longer time, will be resulted in rust. Genuinely, an uncovered car is better off than one that’s kept under one of those popular blue plastic tarps.

How does Super Purple Rays (UVR) affect car covers?

Inexpensive, untreated cheap car covers rot after only a year or so of use. The best car covers with the best quality are excellent because UVR-inhibiting chemicals are included in the production of the fabric. The materials used in the best car covers are the finest available and are nicely cured with UVR inhibitors, so they will last for many years.

What’s the best way to fold a car cover?

Remove the car cover from the top side, back bumpers, and fold each side up to the middle of the roof. Proceed foldable in this manner, until the car cover ends up more than 2 feet wide. Then, fold the front side and then the backside to the middle of the roof and continually foldable to the middle until the foldable materials are about 3 feet long. This method of foldable stops scratches triggered by the cover when you drag across the car.

How should I clean my car cover?

It is best to keep your car cover in a storage bag when you are not using and you have no fear of cleaning it. Dirt contaminants can bargain waterproof of the fabric and they can also scratch your car’s color. You can clean less heavy and smaller car covers in a home washing machine, you need to clean bigger car, and vehicle or SUV covers by going to a laundromat for a large commercial washing machine. Mild cleaning laundry soaps will not take away the DWR treatment or the UVR inhibitors. We suggest using the trademark cleaning soap.

I hope this information will provide you the best choice to select the best car covers for you old as well as new cars.


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