Fruit and vegetable juice is important whether you are taking a diet or not. It is one of the healthiest drinks anyone should drink. However, the healthiness and preserveness of the juice can be determined by practicing some healthy tips from buying fruits/vegetables to the preparation of the juice. If you want to make a healthy juice you should observe some important considerations. Make sure that everything is done properly and ensure the cleanliness in the preparation.

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The first thing to consider is the vegetable juicing quantities. This is because many vegetables have strong substances that can cause the stomach upset when taken excessively. On the other hand, you can make water based fruits and vegetable juice to ensure balanced and tasty drink. Some of the ingredients that should be taken in moderate amount include celery, herb and beetroot because it contains detoxifying properties. Instead, you should make juice out of apple, cucumber, carrots, melon, pears, cranberries and oranges.

You should also choose the right type of juicer to use. The manual and electric juicers have its individual advantages when it comes in extracting the juice. It is also practical to select durable juicer especially if you make juice often. You should also ensure that the juicer does not affect the natural taste of the ingredients. This is because in some instances the taste of the juice is altered after extraction.

The more the juice taste is natural the more it is good for your health. You can also try mixing other kinds of fruits as long as you can ensure to retain the nutrients as well as the taste. However, be careful in mixing fruit juice as it may produce contrasting taste that would make your efforts wasted.

In preparing the juice you should ensure that the ingredients are not contaminated with any harmful bacteria that can cause food borne illnesses. Keep in mind that the main objective of drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice is to improve health. Thus, make sure that the produce is fresh for better nourishment.

You should also pay attention in buying and storing of the fruits and vegetables. Observe some tips in choosing fresh produce as it is important in juice making. On the other hand, avoid buying fruits and vegetables in large quantity. Buy only the amount that you will use immediately.

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Any juice is a beverage that has numerous health benefits. Some people hate it while some love it. Some juices are bitter in taste those can be modified with sweeteners. Moreover, it is ideal for the cure of bacteria related ailments. However, you shouldn’t overdo with the consumption of juices. Excess intake of the solution leads to obesity, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, tooth cavities, gastrointestinal problems etc.

Juices should be preserved in a hygienic manner in special utensils like jugs and jars in order to keep them fresh. Not any metal or material can be used for storing juices, which is the reason mostly glass storage jars are used for this purpose. When buying any big or small glass jars, there are some details you should look for to make it a great purchase:

  • You must choose lead free glass which are free from lead oxide.
  • The plastic lid used for sealing the jar should be BPA free.
  • With a wide mouth you can easily fill and pour the juice.
  • Such jars are easy to clean as well.
  • Check for the measuring marks in (ml) on the jar.
  • Some jars also come with measuring cups.
  • Double seal jars are contamination prone.

We hope these tips help you keep fit and adds value to your lifestyle.

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