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Finding The Right Coaxial Cable – Guide To RS Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are still prominently used in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. They are known for their heavy-duty performance and cost-effective expandability which makes them suitable for a wide spectrum of applications.

RS Group’s coaxial cables have withstood the test of time and surpassed all the quality expectations. Let’s take a look at the guide to help you find the right coaxial cable from the RS Group:

A Size Guide For RS Coaxial Cable

There are three different sizes of coaxial cables available at RS. These three are still relevant and provide top-notch performance in their respective field:


An RG-6 coaxial cable is primarily used in residential and commercial sectors. They offer 18 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and make it easier for you to use them in Cable Television. They are also used in satellite connectivity for television. Many modern coaxial cables also provide internet connectivity of around 10 mbps, and RG-6 coaxial cable is primarily used for such broadband internet connections.


An RG-11 type coaxial cable is larger than the RG-16, with 14 AWG, and also has a thicker coating of insulator, braid shield, and PVC Jacket. These are designed to be used outdoors and in areas that require long-distance connectivity. Therefore, you can find them being used to provide and supply coaxial supply to various setups (industrial, residential, and commercial). While RG-6 is also used for broadband connection, RG-11 is a better carrier with less loss of signal.


The RG-59 is generally thinner and smaller than the other two on the list. But they offer better flexibility for you to use them in CCTV and other setups. You can find them in a wide spectrum of CCTV, video game consoles, and video players. However, you will rarely find RG-59 used in internet or high transmission-related applications.

The Value of RS Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables are highly affordable and economical. They provide impeccable performance with cost-efficiency in a wide range of industries. Moreover, RS Group has worked remarkably to enhance their coaxial cables instead of thinking of it as an outdated tech. The coaxial cables have following qualities:

  • High durability to withstand outdoor and weather exposure. The longevity enables the cables to last for years with proper care.
  • Ease of installation and DIY-friendly designs make it possible for anyone to install or replace them, whenever needed.
  • EMI resistance and enhanced shielding reduces any form of disruption and provides uninterrupted connectivity and transmission.
  • Long-distance capabilities make them perfect for data and radio frequency transmission in a wide range of industries.

The Role Of RS Coaxial Cables In Modern World

The primary role of coaxial cables is Sattelite TV and Cable TV connectivity but they are also used prominently in CCTV installations. Their cost-efficiency makes it easier to provide such security measures, communication, and establish other infrastructures for a business. However, internet connectivity has become an hour of the need for modern users.

RS Coaxial cables are used to provide cost-effective internet services for home and businesses. Most buildings have a built-in coaxial infrastructure that modern internet service providers are using to provide broadband internet. Thus, you can browse the internet, stream your favorite apps like Spotify, without any issue.

Many also use coaxial cables for their sturdy build quality in data modulations and transmissions. As bi-directional communication is a possibility with coaxial cables, they are also used in communication.

DOCSIS Technology (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) has become a new-age requirement and RS Cables adhere to these standards. Hence, you receive highr internet speeds, improved performances and more.

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