Quarantine Cooking: 3 Ways to Get Out of Your Recipe Rut

Like so many people have experienced over the last few months, there isn’t much to do when you’re stuck at home. Granted, everyone has different hobbies and interests which can influence how and what you do at home. But when you’ve been stuck at home for the last few months, there can be hefty amounts of boredom. The same routine feels stagnant after so many weeks – like the same meal prep, dishes, and recipes, and restaurants you might choose to dine at when you don’t feel like making dinner or cooking aren’t open. Quarantine cooking doesn’t have to be boring though, even if it’s tough to find certain ingredients here and there.

Once you have run through all the different recipes you know and love, it’s time for some fresh ideas. Let’s face it – for the most part, recipe discovery happens via Pinterest. The social media platform does a great job offering a million different recipes from exceptional bloggers, cooks, and chefs. Even then, using Pinterest to find your next recipe can get old. Once you’ve exhausted Pinterest, it’s time to do some additional digging.

Follow a Food Fad

Over the last few weeks, Google has released some of the most popular recipes people have been searching for. Even though sometimes-popular recipes don’t actually taste as good as their reviews suggest they might, trying a food fad can be fun. At least, it’s something different.

Popular food fads have included creating “dupe” recipes so people can make their favorite restaurant food at home.

Try Something New

This could, of course, seem like a “given”, but trying something new would be trying an entirely new dish. Trying a completely new dish means a grain you’ve never had before, a new type of fish, a different protein… you get the picture! If you need inspiration on what, exactly, to try, check out this list of chef’s favorites.

Use a Cookbook

With eBooks and internet recipes at your fingertips, cookbooks don’t seem like a go-to… but they should! Cookbooks are a nostalgic way to fall in love with food as you’re flipping page to beautiful page of food photography, seeing the ingredient stains on well-loved recipes.

Celebrity cookbooks are a fun route to try — almost anyone who enjoys time in the kitchen or home decor knows about the Magnolia Cookbook by Joanna Gaines. Try a recipe from the most popular cookbook in your state to mix up your meal planning.

What’s your favorite way to spice up your cooking?

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