5 Kinds of Training you can Offer Your Employees

Workplace training has become an ever more important part of our working lives. After years of staff learning on the job, employers have now become more aware of the value of offering specialised training. Having a well trained and informed workforce can lead to increased productivity and a safer working environment.

Workplace training can come in many different forms dependent on the specific needs of the business. Workplace training is not only valuable to employers but can make a difference to an employees career. Undertaking training undoubtedly helps with career development by not only improving your skillset but in many cases showing suitability for promotion.

So what are some of the different types of training courses available. We thought we’d take a look at seven of the most popular ones.

First Aid Training

Probably one of the most popular courses as every workplace needs a certified first aider. The majority of workplace accidents tend to be minor issues such as cuts, burns, sprains and bruises which can be easily dealt with. But what if a more serious incident occurs, having someone with a more in depth knowledge of first aid such as CPR and use of a defibrillator can be invaluable and can help save lives. There are lots of first aid courses available offering specific qualifications so take advantage of one of these and make your workspace a safer place.

Health and Safety Training

Every workplace should have a health and safety officer tasked with ensuring the working environment remains safe and secure. Ensuring your workplace is health and safety compliant is not only a legal requirement but can have numerous benefits for any business. These include reduced costs, lower staff turnover, fewer accidents and a safer happier workforce. As a result there are many options for health and safety training available, however it is important that you choose one that is relevant to your business.

Diversity Training

The main aim of diversity training to help participants with the skills needed for people from different beliefs and backgrounds interact, collaborate and work together harmoniously. While some people remain sceptical about its value diversity training has been proved to offer considerable benefits to businesses. This type of training improves relationship skills, makes staff more aware of discrimination legislation and empowers those from underrepresented groups and makes them feel more valued in the workplace.

Fire Marshal Training

Every workplace whether an office, warehouse or public building like a hospital should have a Fire Marshal.  It is therefore essential that you select at least one member of staff to undergo fire marshal training in Glasgow or wherever your business is situated. The course will help candidates understand how fires not only start but spread, how to manage risks in the workplace and how to use fire fighting equipment.

Leadership Training

When you mention leadership groups and management training some people see it as jargon. However, leadership courses are an integral part of running an efficient business. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards the achievement of a common goal. Whether in sport, business or the public sector having good leaders is important. In terms of business poor leadership can have a negative impact on both productivity and profits. However, by offering training to your leaders and managers you can have a positive effect on your workspace leading to better staff retention, increased employee engagement, and helps effectively manage change and identifies future leaders.

So, as you can see the benefits of workplace training far outweigh the costs associated with it. Investing in your staff is a sure-fire way of improving your business and the courses we have mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

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