5 Things that Should Be on Your New Year’s Resolutions List for a Richer 2018

Are you set on expanding your budget in 2018? Well, this is most likely among your resolutions for the new year, so we’d like to tell you about the five main items that should not be missing from your list if you want to have a plentiful 2018. There are some central guidelines that could help you on your way to wealth, so take a look because they surely will make a difference.

1. Cut Out those Useless Expenses

After all that December splurging is done, January comes in with the promise of a new beginning, a clean slate, a brand-new start filled with amazing possibility. So, what better time than January to analyze your budget development for 2017?

The beginning of the year is the perfect moment to look back and pinpoint all of those useless expenses you have made in the past year. Analyze the things you have spent your money on and think about which of them you actually needed and which you can maybe skip in 2018. This doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself that extra cookie every now and then, but moderation is the key to success.

2. Save Up a Bit Every Month

After you have completed your assessment, set up a weekly or monthly plan with all the expenses you expect to make. Putting some money aside can get you a long way, whether you invest them or simply put it in a separate account for a rainy day.

The best possible way to save money is to exclude excessive habits that do not bring you any palpable benefits. And the way to keep it all up is through discipline. Try sticking to your plan for a few weeks or a month and analyze the outcome. If you are truly happy with the results, then you will know it is worth keeping up.

3. Keep an Eye Out for Smart Investments

Since you will have some money set aside, you can begin to look for good places to invest them and make your savings account even bigger. Whether you want to get on the bitcoin market, or start up your very own business, your savings budget can get you very far.

There are opportunities you may not be aware of at the moment, so just keep an eye out and be ready to seize the moment, should it present itself! You could be surprised by how far you can get just by being at the right place at the right time and with sufficient budget.

4. Put in a Lottery Ticket Every Now and Then

As far as predictable investments go, nothing compares to playing the lottery. With the minimal investment you put in when buying your ticket, any winning will mean that you have made a profit. And there are so many prizes you could win by simply choosing the right numbers.

You don’t even need to scoop that big jackpot to get rich because there is a dozen of secondary prizes that will make a huge difference to your budget. So, include playing the lottery in your weekly or monthly plan and believe in yourself! It only takes one ticket to make it big.

5. Enjoy the Money You Spend

The final item on your new year’s resolutions list is also the most important one. The single best way to make good use of any money you spend is truly enjoying it. So, whether you have a budget plan for 2018 or not, we guarantee that you will feel richer if you are genuinely happy with what you do with your money.

Enjoy everything from the delicious coffee you buy in the morning to that expensive vacation you may have thought twice about before booking. The happier you are with all the things you do, the richer you will feel at the end of the day, month, and eventually at the end of 2018.

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