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5 Ways to Ensure Your Small Business’s Long-Term Viability

New business owners are no doubt tired of hearing about the many risks associated with investing in a startup. Yet, the reality is that very few small businesses achieve long-term success. Two-thirds are out of business within their first decade and half never reach their fifth anniversary. Fortunately, progressive entrepreneurs can take action to ensure that their business has everything in place to remain a viable prospect for many years into the future:

Prioritize the Customer Experience

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any thriving enterprise. Yet, while many business owners seemingly recognize the importance of developing a loyal following, few know how to actually do it. The key to earning customer loyalty isn’t any closely-guarded secret, though. Rather, customers return to businesses that prioritize their experience. Little things like checking in after a purchase or offering to replace a broken item for free go a long way with consumers.

Make Smart Hires

No matter how dedicated a business owner is, they can only do so much to take their company forward. Ambitious entrepreneurs need to surround themselves with talented, forward-thinking professionals who share their vision and drive. A few bad hires can sink a growing operation –– so take great care during the hiring process to find the right fit for your business!

Invest in Technology

Technology is always changing. Business owners who embrace tech upgrades and invest properly hold a big advantage over their competitors who don’t. Everything from new call tracking software to a pharmacy POS system can give your business a crucial edge. (For more information about POS technology, visit

Secure Your Finances

Money may be a means to an end, but it’s critical all the same. The bad news is that balancing your startup’s books is much easier said than done. And many businesses try and fail to get loans during lean periods. Savvy small business owners must never forget to monitor their financial status. Otherwise, they could find themselves in a big hole in a hurry.

Back Up Your Investments

If there’s one thing that all professionals should realize at a young age, it’s this: accidents happen. Even the best paid plans can go asunder at a moment’s notice, and it’s very unwise to spend a significant amount of money without backing up your purchase. As such, make it a point to apply for quality insurance for your business’s most valuable assets. The last thing you want is to foot the bill for a major issue that could’ve been avoided with a little foresight and planning.



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