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Why an attorney matters in a job-related injury

A work accident involves any bodily injury and functional disorders that may happen in the workplace during the rendering of services performed to the company. The worker who suffers an accident at work has rights provided by law and failure to comply with these legal rules may generate some damage to the company.

And, contrarily to popular belief, any worker, from any field of work, can suffer a job-related injury – from the more common situations, like construction workers, to the ones that you would not consider immediately, like software developers.

In such a situation, some reasons why the employee may pursue his or her rights are: work-related illnesses, personal injuries, such as spine, vision and hearing impairment, and other health problems that may be considered more serious, such as the case of chemical contamination, contact with toxic components, inhalation of material causing health damage, skin problems from exposure to the sun, among many others.

Another point that deserves attention is related to external activities. If the employee has a service to do outside the company, by order of the employer, and in this period occurs an accident, it will also be considered an accident at work. Accidents that happen in professional trips, that is, to work, are also assured by Labor Law.

With the hiring of a lawyer, all the verification of the situation of the company with respect to the employee is made, to ensure that all the rights of the same are applied in the correct way. In all situations, employees should choose lawyers that are professionals in the field of job-related injuries such as Sutliff & Stout.

It is of the utmost importance that both the employer and the employee know their rights and duties with regard to work accidents. For the company is a way to prevent against processes, and for the employee is a guarantee that your rights will be exercised in case of some fatality. To guarantee that the law is applied correctly, and no side is treated unfairly, hiring the services of an attorney with expertise in the field is key.

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