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Branded Packaging: How High-Quality Packaging is Great for Brand Awareness

Having a strong brand is invaluable, and with more businesses opening every day the battle for customer loyalty is getting harder. Spending time researching, defining and building your brand is an essential investment in your own business. Your brand is what shows customers who you are and what you will provide them with. One way to explain your brand to all your consumers is with packaging, a vital aspect of a customer’s experiences with your company. Your packaging is the first thing your customers see when they receive an item. First impressions say a lot about your company.

Packaging is an essential branding strategy when it comes to your business, going beyond plain cardboard and brown tape can positively impact your success. Providing quality and customised packaging with your products will help increase brand awareness. You can ensure your company stands out from close competitors due to recognisable custom printed boxes as well as your fantastic product. You want to stand out to your audience, ensuring they recommend your company to friends and buy from you again. More and more businesses both big and small are bringing their packaging in-house with the purchasing of their own box making machinery. It is known to be cost and energy efficient while also being more reliable. With a high-quality box making machine, you can make a range of boxes in many shapes and sizes with a variety of printed graphics.

Here are some top tips on what you should consider when deciding on your packaging, we will look at the three most important aspects of ensuring greatness.

custom packaging

Tips on determining the look of your packaging


The power of first impressions is strong, and no matter how good your product is, a cheap looking box could easily leave a customer with a bad opinion of your brand. A poorly constructed box also makes damage during transportation of your product considerably more likely. Choosing good packaging reminds buyers that your brand holds itself to a high standard. One way to ensure quality packaging is by creating it yourself. In using a simple but powerful tool such as the KOLBUS AutoBox machine, you are ensuring both time-efficiency and high quality. We all know how important it is in business to combine the two. Bringing packaging in-house ensures everything is crafted to perfection. When it comes to e-commerce packaging, what is on the inside is incredibly important – but what is on the outside reflects on you as a business just as much.

Target Market

Appealing to your target audience is extremely important when it comes to beating your competitors.  In trying to attract everyone you run the risk of appealing to no one, so it is important to spend time researching and understanding your demographic. This will assist you in deciding what they are likely to consider is great packaging. Once you know who you are designing your packaging for, it is a lot easier to make decisions on how the packaging should look. It needs to get across your brand personality while also showing your customer that this is made for them. Showing that you care creates a great experience for the consumer when they receive their package. This care will increase the likelihood of brand loyalty – and it shows your buyer exactly what you are made of. Nothing says Nike like the tick, and nothing says McDonalds like the golden arches.  It also helps to add a few small details, such as a thank you note, to the inside of your box to show your customers you appreciate them.

Unique Design

The design of your company’s packaging highly impacts your consumers’ desire to repurchase. A design that is unique to your brand shows who you are and what you represent. As a result, it is important to consciously craft your packaging. An example of doing this is with colour, known to impact purchasing decisions. Choosing colours that reflect your company provides you with a feature your customers will remember. If you are a brand that promotes the use of natural ingredients and products, choosing earthy colours such as deep greens and browns would be a good use of colour to reflect this. It is important to remind returning and potential customers of your agenda, uniqueness and why you are the company they should buy from again and again.  BCS Boxer offer a digital print module, allowing you to print your amazing design yourself. This gives you the ability to be bold with your designs, to experiment and to ensure your customers are opening a packaging of perfection.

Use these tips to help transform how you package your products, creating better brand awareness that is great for both you and your customer. A brand design or logo should be clear, focused and bold – so when customers receive your product, they know they are getting the best.

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