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The Differences Between Interviews for Finance Positions and Other Job Openings

If you are new to the finance industry, or if you are applying for jobs in several industries at once, you may be wondering how an interview for financial job openings will be different from an interview for another type of job. For the most part, they will be much the same; however, there may be some differences.

Finance Interviews May Be More Formal

Interviewing for some jobs may mean answering more questions about who you are than you would in a finance interview. A recruiter for financial positions will still want to know about you as a person but will also be more interested in your technical understanding of budgeting and specific finance techniques. With numbers, there is not as much room for creativity — just ask the IRS — which means you will need to have strong answers that make it clear you understand the importance of sound financial decisions.

You May Need to Provide Examples

While many interviewers in other industries will want to look to your past accomplishments as examples of what you can do for them, those in the finance industry may require something more. In addition to showing how you protected the finances of previous employers, the interviewer may expect you to demonstrate your skills by walking him or her through calculating financial statements, determining the weighted average cost of capital, and more.

Consider Specific Definitions

In many industries, the interviewer will ask what a specific term means to you, the job applicant. The answers are open to interpretation based on your own perceptions. Definitions are much more specific in the finance industry. When the interviewer asks what something means, they are more likely to want a textbook-like answer.

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