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Excelsior College: The Best Online School for Distance Learning

From convenience to affordability, you’ll find many benefits to pursuing a degree online. Being able to attend classes, study, complete assignments, and take tests on your own schedule is a major reason that many students returning to school choose an online degree program from Excelsior College. However, people quickly discover that studying at Excelsior offers more than just convenience. In fact, many students come to appreciate Excelsior College even more, thanks to the way the school implements distance learning opportunities to further push students and offer high quality learning experiences.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is becoming more and more common in the world of higher education, and Excelsior College is one of the best online schools for distance learning opportunities. In simplest terms, distance learning involves students who are not physically present in classroom receiving an education through online courses and live video feeds. Technological advances have made distance learning an even more exciting prospect in recent years, as educators and learning institutions have come to recognize the powerful possibilities of connecting online classrooms of students from diverse backgrounds together in one course.

How Excelsior College connects a global network of learners

Connecting a global network of learners plays a major role in preparing students to be more than just intelligent thinkers; it helps students become citizens of a global world. Every industry from commerce to banking is becoming more and more globalized, and providing distance learning opportunities for students to engage with ideas, perspectives, and individuals from other countries and backgrounds allows for lasting lessons that can be easily applied post graduation in the real world.

Take, for example, a news story about Excelsior College’s commitment to solving global issues through distance learning. The piece, written by Laurie Carbo-Porter and Dorcey L. Applyrs, examines how traditional higher education institutions focus on serving the communities where they are geographically situated, and how schools like Excelsior have taken inspiration from that ethos to serve a broader, more global community. This resulted in Excelsior College convening a panel discussion on how to foster better communities by looking at the interconnected relationship between health and economic policy. Although the event was held in person, it was also broadcast across the country, as a way to connect more individuals and in the spirit of distance learning.

Distance learning opportunities for active military and veterans

Another benefit of Excelsior College’s distance learning opportunities is the chance to help active members of the military and veterans take courses while deployed or at home. Excelsior partners with several branches of the military, including the Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps, to offer coursework that helps servicemen and servicewomen receive their undergraduate diplomas. This commitment showcases another valuable benefit of Excelsior’s online degree programs, since they help connect something incredibly valuable — an education — to people from all walks of life and in a variety of circumstances.

As online courses become more and more common, distance learning is an important aspect of the direction that higher education is headed in. Excelsior College stands at the forefront of distance learning, evaluating the ways in which it can not only reach students around the country and world, but connect students, too. Excelsior is also pioneering the ways that distance learning can go beyond the classroom, connecting students to communities to spark important conversations and make pivotal connections between disciplines and backgrounds. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your distance learning, Excelsior College should be at the top of the list of online schools you consider.

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