A Guide to Hiring the Best Candidate for a Job

Being responsible for filling a vacancy can feel like a lot of pressure. It can be hard to find some one who ticks the boxes and will fit into your current team. Or, the opposite might be true – you might be overwhelmed with too many great candidates to choose from, so how do you know which one is the right fit?

Whether you’re still starting up your business and trying to get employees, or you’ve been in the game for a while and just need to fill a few positions, it can be helpful to know what the key aspects are to look out for when hiring a candidate.


Of course, if you are advertising a vacancy, you probably have a specific salary in mind for whoever will be doing that job. Sure, you might be willing to go slightly over budget for the perfect person, but you can’t afford to hire someone who will demand more than you can give.

It’s advisable to ask a potential employee about what their salary expectations are before you get too far into the interviewing process. That way, you’ll be able to eliminate them before you both waste your time. Be reasonable with the salary you are offering, though. https://www.cloudpay.net/ will be able to give you more insight into payroll-related matters.


While every new hire will require at least some form of basic training, you might want someone who already knows the basics of a job or has done something similar. Of course, this depends on the job level as well as the salary.

An entry level employee probably won’t have much experience, but you won’t be paying them as much as you’d pay higher level employees. A more experienced employee will require a higher salary, but less training.


Certain jobs require certain knowledge, as well as the qualifications that come along with it. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for the vacancy will have the necessary qualifications. People often take chances and will apply for a job even if they know that they do not meet the basic requirements, because they think that they’ll be able to convince you otherwise.

You’ll need to decide which qualification is a reasonable expectation for someone to be able to do this job. To do this, you’ll first need to understand the different qualifications, such as the difference between a degree and a diploma.


If there’s one person who will be able to tell you anything about a possible hire, it’s their previous boss. Not everyone will have ex-bosses that you can contact for a reference, but it’s still advisable to get the details of some kind of reference. A professor, someone they’ve volunteered for, a sport coach – anyone who will be able to give you more information about the interviewee’s work ethic.

If you’re new to the idea of checking references, a reference check template might be a big help.


You want someone who will fit in with your team’s dynamic, so be sure to get a feel for their personality before hiring them. You need someone who is willing to learn, as well as eager and enthusiastic about their job.

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