How Smart Contractors are Cutting Costs in 2018

In many industries, including construction, it costs more to run a business than ever before. Insurance premiums are higher. Vehicles are more expensive. Vehicle maintenance and repair continues to rise with advancing automotive technology. As the saying goes, “it just doesn’t end.” You probably feel the same.

In this article, we will explore how smart contractors are cutting costs in 2018. We will look at three (3) factors as to why one of the wisest moves is to consider commercial truck rentals in 2018:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Extent of use
  3. Selection of inventory

Lower Costs

When you purchase a vehicle, most dealers require a significant down payment, depending on your credit and the price of the model you plan to buy. Do you have the resources to cover such a down payment?

However, if you decide to lease commercial trucks, if there is a down payment at all it would be more reasonable. Of course, lease payments are most often lower anyway, so either way, leasing is usually budget-friendly to most contractors.

Extent of use

Most companies are picky about whether or not you can drive your leased vehicle out-of-state. In fact, most rental companies do not allow this. But you’re a contractor. You could have jobs in the next state or even several states away. Find a commercial truck rental company that doesn’t restrict you this way. The restrictive will surely cost you more money.

Very often, a contractor might need a truck that has towing capability. This is another area where rental companies get picky and milk their customers. So often their trucks are not only missing trailer hitches; they often will charge (more like overcharge) you extra to install them at their facility. If you decide to rent a commercial truck, find out first if their trucks are towing-ready. This will save you money.

Also, as a contractor, you may have to travel to a variety of construction sites. Many of them are off-road. It’s hard to imagine a contractor not being able to drive off-road to a construction site, just because the rental company doesn’t allow it. Imagine trying to coordinate the costly logistics just to avoid risking violating the rental company’s policy. Find one that will.


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Selection of inventory

If you’re considering commercial truck rentals, no matter what your budget, you don’t want to have more or less truck than you need.

Let’s say you have to tow a large piece of construction equipment to a site, so you decide on a 1/2 –ton pickup. Are you thinking that there’s a high probability that this scenario may not turn out so good? You could damage the transmission hauling a load that the vehicle cannot handle. There’s also a high probability that you would have to pay for the damage, regardless of how fair their policy may be.

On the flipside, you aren’t going to need a 1-ton flatbed just to haul crew members. Make sure you get the right truck for the job. Why pay more for a larger size truck that you don’t actually need?

These are just a few of the many ways that smart contractors are already cutting costs in 2018, as it relates to your vehicle situation. If you decide to go with rentals, look for a company that will help you lower costs, allows you to drive in any state, as well as off-road, and has a wise selection of vehicles so you can rent the right one for the intended purpose.

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