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How to Market Yourself to Employers

Everyone needs to know how to market themselves. Freelancers have to do this sort of thing all the time, but given the high rate of employee turnover, odds are most professionals will find themselves on the job market at some point in the future as well. There is an art to marketing yourself to potential employers. Indeed, those who assume that the most qualified individual will “automatically” land every open position are mistaken. The good news is that professionals who know how to market themselves effectively can apply for and attain some amazing jobs. Here, we’ll explain how you can improve this skill in five easy steps:

Treat Every Application with Care

Some job-seekers adopt a scatter-shot approach to applications. That is, they print off a massive list of openings, and blast out the same cover letter and resume combo to hundreds of businesses with the hope that someone will respond. This is not an efficient use of your time or energy. Instead, it’s a better idea to research each company first before you send in an application. Utilizing microlearning techniques can help you prioritize important information about a business and allow you to tailor your cover letter/resume to their specific preferences.

Accentuate the Positive –– With Honesty

Naturally, all prospective job seekers will want to highlight their positive attributes during the interview process. And you definitely should let your new bosses know what you’re capable of. However, there’s a difference between playing up your strengths and flat out lying. Never list a skill that you can’t perform or an experience you haven’t had. Eventually, your lie will be exposed and you’ll be worse off for it.

Dress the Part

Cliched, yes, but dressing for the job you want –– and not the job you have –– is just good personal policy. Note, this doesn’t always mean that you should wear excessively formal attire. Some businesses and industries are more relaxed and dressing casually will be more appropriate in those settings.

Try New Things

Want to make sure that you’ll never struggle to find employment again? Then always be willing to try new things. Developing new skills, learning new programs, and traveling to new places are all great ways to impress your future bosses, and let them know that you’re up for anything.

Apply for a Job You Want

Though this may sound obvious, if you don’t like the sound of a job description, or don’t get along with a manager, or find the salary too low –– don’t apply for that position. Remember, just because you can get a job, doesn’t mean you should, or that you’ll be happy there once you start. It can be frustrating to try and find the best career path possible, but trust us, it’s worth the time and energy in the long run.

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