Lawyering Up: 4 Questions to Ask Your Construction Accident Lawyer

In order to identify the best construction accident lawyer, you’re unavoidably going to have to ask some questions. The ones we’re about to reveal were designed to help you weed out all the candidates you won’t be working with and choose the most experienced and qualified lawyer to take over the case.

1. Can you list your qualifications?

This question will reflect all the successes the construction accident lawyer you’re considering to hire has had in his or her career. Education is one thing, but concrete victories in court is what separates the men from the boys.

Let’s put it this way – who would you rather work with, a lawyer with practical experience or the one who’s never had the chance to test the theory in practice? It’s a question that answers itself.

If you’re still unsure, you can put your lawyer’s name in Google and see what comes up. The very best lawyers out there like to share their knowledge with others and publish their articles in reputable publications.

2. Are you going to handle my case personally?

Sometimes, the lawyer you’re considering has a busy schedule and won’t be able to represent you in court, thus appointing one of their colleagues or associates instead. However, this is not a red flag by any means, as long as you make sure that the lawyer who will be working with you meets all the required standards.

You can always ask to meet them in person. After all, your gut feeling is a good indicator and can sometimes tell you more than your rationale can spot.

3. What costs will I need to pay?

Your attorney’s effective working hours may not be the only costs you’re going to incur during the legal process. There are other things to consider like faxes, transcripts, witnesses, transportation, and so forth.

Having a clear understanding of the costs ahead of you will prepare you to make a calculated decision and hire the best possible candidate you can stumble across. Depending on your preferences, the financial side of things may be more important to you than other things, but in any case, it’s something you’re going to need to consider.

4. Can I assign the case to another lawyer should I feel the need to?

In case you end up being unhappy with your construction accident lawyer’s services, you need to have the option of being able to transfer the job to another lawyer. That includes all the documents and materials needed in the legal process.

If you’ve made sure to create all the copies needed, the process is going to go smoothly. That way, the new lawyer can get straight to work without needing to spend the time or resources required to obtain these documents (or copies of them).


Of course, you can rephrase these questions to your heart’s content so they better reflect your expectations and get you the answers you’re searching for. In the end, following your best judgement is what’s going to matter the most and pair you up with a construction accident lawyer you’re going to enjoy working with until the very end.

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