Should Your Restaurant Move to the Cloud?

Physically nurturing and emotionally comforting, food is a primal element of humanity. Maybe, this is the reason why you got into the restaurant business in the first place. However, the restaurant industry, though late, is currently embarking on the journey towards digital transformation.

The innovations in both mobile technology as well as other platforms are threatening the old school reasons why you love food. Nevertheless, they are also helping restaurateurs have an excellent time modernizing their businesses.

Cloud computing is one such innovation that is quickly becoming favorite among restaurant owners across the globe. Cloud computing helps bring forward unparalleled improvements in the front as well as the back of the house.

The (Not So) Good Old Days

Back in the day, shortly after their invention, POS systems were used in restaurants as basic cash registers. By the mid-1970s, IBM first introduced the Electronic Cash Register (ECR), which was used in restaurants as the first computer-based systems. Though this was seen as a revolutionary movement, the ECRs were barely better than everyday cash registers.

Later on, the POS directly sent orders to the kitchen and provided the customers with a clean and error-free receipt of what they ordered and the total cost of the meal. These systems also helped restaurant owners see their revenue more clearly and determine how much money should go to the bank and how much money should stay in the cash register.

However, the majority of the restaurants couldn’t process credit card payments, and the POS system proved to be hard to use.

Recent Advances in POS

Over the years, the POS system has evolved massively. Post-1990s more features were incorporated into the POS systems, including split checks, and the ability to customize the menu from the ground up. Furthermore, loyalty and gift cards are now natively built into these systems, which help track guest engagement.

Regarding the modern point of sale system, there are specifically two aspects that are changing the restaurant industry.

  • The streamlined processes have helped create a restaurant culture that prioritizes quality service. POS systems allow employees to work stress-free rather than having to run between the kitchen and cash register. This, in turn, helps the employees attend to the customers promptly and solve any problems that they might be facing.
  • The modern POS system helps you smartly distribute your labor. You might find that you need a couple of servers less on the floor, and there might not be the need for a bar back. This decreases the labor and cuts the costs associated with it.

Presently, cloud-based POS systems are favored since they address ease of use, security, and concerns about cost. The beauty of cloud-based POS lies in its scalability, customizability, and how it can work for all restaurant groups alike.

Advantages of Cloud-Based POS

Cloud POS for restaurants opens new opportunities for owners to take their business to a whole different level. Instead of having to print out lengthy reports after every shift, a cloud-based POS system allows you to access the insights from any smart device—your phone, computer, or tablet. This means you can access updated sales reports, inventory, customer feedback, and more, from anywhere and at any time.

Real-time data equals real-time solutions that help you deal with situations before they become a more significant threat. You will be able to make great business decisions that will help save both money and time.

Additionally, when your business migrates to the cloud, you will get to access the top-of-the-line security features. Thus, your customers will be able to make safe payments and take advantage of the loyalty program more efficiently.

Just like any other app in your mobile device, a cloud-based POS system automatically gets updated for free. This saves you from the cost and labor associated with upgrading traditional POS systems.

The Future of Restaurant POS Systems

Moving onto the cloud is just a beginning that will change the way restaurant operators do business and make technological investments. Soon cloud-based POS systems will become mainstream and be used as a conventional technology in the back-of-the-house in restaurants.

According to the global report, the Point of Sale (POS) market is predicted to grow remarkably from 2019–2025.

With greater control over your business, you will be able to maintain consistency in your business and keep your customers happy.

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