Staging a Business Event? 5 AV Solutions to Look for in a Venue

The right type of AV solution can turn an ordinary business event into an extraordinary one. When staging business events, audiovisual services are often overlooked. But, audiovisual services create dynamism and effective immersive experiences to your presentation.

Whether your next event is a conference or product launch, one should not underestimate the importance of the right AV solution.

Hiring the best audiovisual company for your event starts with knowing what to look for. Understanding the full extent of your event’s audiovisual needs will determine the right venue and AV solution for your event. When it comes to planning your next event, keep these five AV solutions in mind for a seamless event experience.

Room attributes and amenities

The type of event being hosted will determine the venue space. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it’s important to gather layout information before hosting your next business event in that venue. Screen location, power distribution, seating arrangements, and even ceiling height are key aspects in determining the right venue.

The venue chosen will impact the AV systems your business event will utilize. So will the type of event requirements. Will visuals be required to communicate your message? Does the venue space require audio amplification to clearly communicate your message to all attendees?

If the venue is too large for your AV solution, the size may interfere with speech intelligibility. Likewise, a widescreen projection may not be suited for a small intimate setting. The right AV solution should be flexible to the venue and space your event requires.

Acoustics and ambiance lighting

How your audience perceives your presentation or event is a good measurement of success. Sound and lighting are key aspects in delivering event success.

The right lighting can set the desired tone for your next event. Does your event require ambient lighting to create an elegant atmosphere? Or would it be beneficial for your event space to have stage and globe lighting to emphasize a presentation or keynote speaker?

The role sound plays should also not be overlooked. Your venue’s acoustics will be a determinant factor in your audience’s perception of your event. Venues with low ceilings can create an intimate setting. But it will also amplify background noise such as conversations when the venue is packed. Large venues reverberate sound, creating undesirable echoes throughout the venue.


Whether you’re outsourcing your AV requirements to a third-party provider or utilizing the venue’s in-house integration systems, be sure you’re knowledgeable about their capabilities and experience within your space.

Advancements in technology mean that the old business model of operating gear is no longer adequate. Projection mapping, mobile interactivity, and digital enhancements are all conceptual shifts within the industry.

Your AV solution provider should be able to translate these new technologies into creative solutions for your event. It should fit within the scope, vision, and aesthetic feel of your event. Being able to extend these technologies to your audience will create greater engagement and improve the event experience.

Inclusion of last-minute additions

Last minute changes are not uncommon in events, particularly presentations.

The right AV solution for your business event should be flexible and capable of adapting to any last minute emergencies or requests. It may be equipment failure or other external factors. The right AV provider will be solution oriented and be accommodating to necessary changes.

Just as importantly though, be clear in your expectations regarding audiovisual use. By having auxiliary solutions, your event will be a seamless experience in the case of technical failures.

Electronic and non-electronic support

Both external and internal av solutions should provide on-site assistance throughout the lifespan of your event, from set up and rehearsals to its conclusion. It’s vital that on-site assistance is available at a moment’s notice during the live event.

Having a dedicated on-site technician and a project manager will ensure immediate responses to AV issues or problems that may come up. Their technical services will come invaluable in the event of equipment maintenance issues or changes that require immediate action.

The success of any event is dependent on the preparations made before the final day. There will be numerous AV solutions according to the event specifications and venue requirements. Having a clear plan in mind from the outset will the event is a memorable and positive experience.

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