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Using Social Media to Market – Don’t Sell Your Company, Be Your Brand

Online marketing is not about selling your product or services; it is about being the go-to person when people develop the need for what you are selling. Fundamentally, it is about placing yourself within the stream of information people consume on a daily basis so that when they are looking for someone who does what you do or sells what you sell, they will naturally gravitate towards you.

The way you do that is by making your company or your person synonymous with your product or service. How do you do that? Become ubiquitous, stay consistent and be focused.

Use Your Social Media Profiles to Educate Your Audience

There numerous ways to become ubiquitous online: Facebook, Instagram, blogs, Twitter, and LinkedIn are but a few outlets to do this. Even more helpful, a number of these can be set to automatically cross-post decreasing the amount of time needed for each post to reach all audiences. These websites allow you to create a conversation about what you do, without specifically talking about your company.

If you sell cars, you can use your profiles to repost and comment on articles about new models, recalls, gripes, and kudos. If you provide accounting services, link to articles with tips & tricks as well as warnings.

While original content is important, it is not the only way to “create content.” Being a vehicle for other people’s ideas and articles (as long as they’re not competitors and you give them credit) allows you to stay in people’s feeds without having to continuously generate articles. Once you’ve selected your outlets, don’t relent.

Be Consistent In Your Social Media Marketing

Staying consistent is about engaging your potential and current clients on a daily basis. Name recognition is built over time and consistency is key to achieving that.

Twelve posts in a week followed by a two-week silence nullifies your efforts. Think about it: will you remember a brand that you haven’t seen content for in months? Or are you more likely to recall one that has appeared on your feed steadily over the weeks?

In fact, fewer engagements on a more regular basis over extended periods of time will allow you to stay in people’s mind without intruding.

Stay Focused

Finally, focus on what you do well rather than on everything you could do if you wanted to. In other words, if you are an attorney and your practice area is wills and trusts, don’t talk about criminal law. If you are a mechanic who services European cars, don’t spend too much time talking about the minutiae of Japanese automotive engineering. It will only dilute your online persona and confuse the message.

In other words, in order to leverage social media as a marketing tool: pick what you want to be known for, become the person or company that does this, and express that persona through social media, often, regularly, and consistently.

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