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VMware Online Training: Something All Companies Should Invest In

Staging environments are useful for a whole host of reasons, especially in the IT world. They offer users the ability to learn about systems, try new best practices, and identify troubleshooting issues – without ruining the actual system in the process.

That’s why VMware online training is such a hot commodity for those looking to streamline their business tasks, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

After all, who wouldn’t want to learn how to test ideas out on a virtual server, without fear of destroying their existing system?

Today we will look at what exactly VMware is, why VMware is beneficial, and why you might want to become VMware certified.

What is VMware?

The “VM” in VMware stands for “Virtual Machine”. In short, this virtual machine is a staging environment that is an exact replica of the operating system, server, and networks you have in place, that looks and functions just like your live system, but does not affect real time processes.

This means any changes you make to the virtual machine will have no effect on your actual system, leaving it intact, even if you crash the operating system on your virtual machine.

The concept behind using VMware, as opposed to a real live staging environment complete with servers, an ISP connection, routers, and switches, is that it is practical, cost effective, and requires very little maintenance. Yet, it still gets the job done.

Why Use VMware?

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Take a look at the top reasons why VMware is so beneficial in the IT industry:

  • Reliability. VMware has built-in security and reliability features preventing your company’s system from being copied and transferred to a public computer and used for unauthorized means. In addition, these virtual machines experience very little downtime, meaning they are always accessible.
  • Easy Management. Utilizing VMware is straightforward once you know what you are doing. In fact, you no longer have to install applications manually onto your employee’s PC computers one-by-one since they are accessible via the virtual environment instead. You can also patch and upgrade applications and push them live to your actual system without ever accessing a physical computer. Lastly, store conveniently located in one place, rather than utilize separate storage devices to accommodate the volume of data your company has.
  • Hardware Independence. Virtual machines do not rely on physical hardware to work. Therefore, you can use any system you have in place, regardless of PC compatibility. For instance, run Mac software on a PC and vice versa.
  • Affordability. Housing multiple virtualized machines on one physical machine is more cost effective than purchasing multiple servers and machines.

Become VMware Certified

If your company wishes to implement a VMware program, it will need to certify employees so that the program can be put to use.

Although there are IT professionals that are VMware certified that can help troubleshoot and explain certain processes to your company, having employees educated about the virtual machines your business wishes to use is going to be the most cost effective and practical thing to do.

That said, here are the types of employees that will best benefit from VMware training within your enterprise:

  • Security specialists that will administer, manage, and secure the virtual infrastructure for your company
  • Operators that will have daily access to the staging environment
  • Performance analysts evaluating your business metrics in the virtual infrastructure
  • Storage admin responsible for backing up your company’s systems

In the end, anyone interested in working in a virtual environment can benefit from VMware online training and bring those skills to their company as an added asset.

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