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When Music Meets Fashion: Here’s What You Need to Know

If there’s a common denominator between music and fashion, it would be the form of expression. People channel their individualism, their expression, and love for art through music and dressing up.

Music and fashion correlate with each other in many ways. The expression could be in the form singing and dancing along with your favorite song, and the same thing goes for fashion. Sporting the clothes that you love makes you feel happy and confident.

The influences of music to fashion and other aspects of our culture, as well as our threads, can be as variegated as the cities where we live.

The Musical History of Fashion

Five and a half decades have gone, but music history in the past still carries its footprints on the modern-day fashion trends.

In the golden age, around 60’s, your ancestors experienced the hype and mania for the Beatles that directly swept the city London, which is one of the world’s biggest fashion capitals. The bohemian and hippie look of the 60’s continued to the 70’s where Glam Rock was born and made possible by David Bowie.

When 80’s arrived, fashion became more daring, loud and unconventional. The fashion era for 80’s  can easily pass as one of the brightest periods where fashion married music.

Going forward to the 90s, Kurt Cobain paved the way for vintage grunge that became very popular among trendsetters that time. Don’t forget to credit hip hop too. Its influence on fashion in this era was well-accepted by many across the globe. All thanks to Tupac, Eazy E, and MC Hammer. Pairing sagging or loose fitting clothes with gold chains became the fashion staple.

When millennium enters, the music landscape changed and give way to indie music. It renders a significant impact in the fashion market which catapults skinny jeans to fame. Of course, after a decade more music artists entered in the music scene. Lady Gaga and Psy for instance, aside from different genre, they are sporting unique fashion statements too, most of which are bizarre looking that you can hardly classify what kind of trend they are following.

When you add up those five and a half years of colorful fashion and eclectic music what you get are diverse people. These people represent the gamut of music and express themselves through different choices of clothing.

Fashion And It’s Evolution

Your choice of music directly reflects your style. When you are listening to relaxing or soothing music, you wear comfortable clothes. When you are listening to a more upbeat tempo, you wear bright colors.

If you’re one who listens to different music genres, there’s a high probability that you are sporting a chameleon-like style. You dress up according to the mood of music that you are listening.

The point here is that we give thanks and honor to our old time by reminiscing and keeping their movement alive in our memories. You are lucky because you now have the privilege to reinvent the trends from the past. Men like to be sleek and stylish while most women dress up to empower.

Or it could be that you have figured out that there’s no need to shadow the latest trend because you can just listen to whoever and wear whatever you like. The ultimate conclusion here is that music will always have a special place in the fashion industry.


The peculiar relationship between contemporary music and fashion is evident to the way millennials dress up right now. Different music influences lead to some of the most powerful visualizations of apparel ever created in pop culture, like those what you can see while you browse on some online fashion destinations like Seed Heritage.

These trends were born as impressive creation for a music video and stage performances. While others become fashion trends that blend in with the people’s daily clothing staples.

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