Santana Saldana is the first member of the NFT-backed DEEBIES Skate Team

The DEEBIES Skate Team, the first skate team backed by a NFT project, has just announced Santana Saldana, an emerging skater from Long Beach, CA, as the first element of its brand new roster. This NFT art project, created by the community, has been a true success with over $1 million in primary sales and over 1000 unique collectors.

Founded in January 2021 by Rich Beeman and Damian Bosiacki (known in the metaverse as Gifdead and Woahboy), is a community that encompasses everyone looking to explore the potential of NFTs as a new creative tool. Together with Toronto-based illustrator Sketchnate, they have created DEEBIES, a collection of the first big projects coming to light in the community.

DEEBIES consists of a collection of over 3000 handmade NFTs, with each NFT also containing derivative rights to the respective character as well as unique descriptions for each character. DEEBIES is the first of its scale to be entirely handmade art, with all its pieces of art made by hand without a pipeline program. It was so successful that they are currently sold out.

They decided to sponsor a skating team, being the first project in the NFT space to do so, thus giving origin to the DEEBIES Skate Team. The first element of the team’s roster has just been announced: Santana Saldana, an emerging skater from Long Beach, CA, who shared his excitement over this ground-breaking move:

“Excited to be starting this new chapter with DEEBIES. We are stepping into a new industry where skateboarding connects us, and to be the first – that is pretty profound in my book.”

Rich Beeman also shares this excitement:

“We are incredibly excited to be working with Santana Saldana and helping to build his career as a professional skater.”

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