5 Awesome Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga offers multifaceted benefits. Read on to know some of the most incredible ones!

What you think yoga can do for you? Increases strength and flexibility, helps in weight loss, helps in weight gain, calms the mind, helps connects with your true self and the almighty, and provides a sense of peace…Is that all? Well, yoga can do more than you can possibly imagine. If done in the right way with the right techniques, yoga has the potential to transform your entire being. The hidden benefits of yoga will help you in all key areas of life be it home, workplace, or social gatherings. Here is a brief highlight of some of the most amazing health benefits of yoga that will give you the reason to hit your yoga mat and show off your yoga skills. Take a glimpse:

  1. Instantly Boosts Immunity & Energy: Studies have shown that practicing yoga on a regular basis results in changes in gene expression. Its boosts immunity on cellular level and, that too within a short span of time. Yoga postures massage the internal organs and strengthen the muscles by stimulating blood circulation in the body. The deep meditative practices and breathing exercises clean the body and mind and, releases accumulated stress and tension. Yoga improves overall health and keeps us active, fit and refreshed by boosting our energy and immunity. When you breathe better and move better, all the organs function better.
  2. Helps Ease Migraine: Many researchers have shown that migraine sufferers with mild and severe pain experience a substantial decrease in pain intensity just after a few months of yoga practices. Today’s ultramodern lifestyle make us hunch over the computers for consistent long hours, resulting in physical misalignments, and muscle imbalances which contribute to migraine issues and recurrent headaches. Yoga brings peace and calm to the mind, relieves stress and improves muscle imbalances.
  3. Helps Maintain Optimum Weight: Yoga helps in excessive weight loss and fights food cravings. In yoga, styles like Hatha yoga and Power yoga, a lot of calories are burnt that are equivalent to doing a high-intensity workout. Yoga restores the hormonal balance in the body and normalizes the body weight. It also lowers cortisol levels and constant fight or flight response, restraining us from overeating and make us sensitive towards our food choices. This helps us keep a check on our weight.
  4. Improves Brain Functioning: The deep breathing exercises and meditative practices involved in yoga clear the mind and enhance the cognitive functioning of the brain. Regular practice of yoga improves the memory capacity and concentration ability.
  5. Cures Insomnia: Regular practice of yoga cures several sleeping disorders like insomnia and abnormal sleeping habits. It calms the body and mind and helps unwind at the end of the day, letting you get a good night’s sleep.
  6. Lowers blood pressure: Hypertension is one of the most prevalent problems in people with high-stress oriented lifestyle. Mindful yoga practices effectively reduce blood pressure. Yoga practices slow down the heart, pacify the sympathetic nervous system, and provide a better balance in blood pressure as compared to other exercises and programs.
  7. Keeps the heart healthy: Regular practice of yoga reduces the risk of several cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure, blood sugar level, cholesterol, etc. Yoga postures enhance blood flow to the heart region and improve its functioning.
  8. Relieves anxiety and depression: Yoga in combination with deep breathing exercises clear and calm the mind and, brings the focus back to the moment. It increases blood flow to the brain region and improves the mental health by releasing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments.
  9. Provides All-round Fitness: A person is said to be healthy not only when he is just physically fit, but when he is mentally strong and emotionally balanced as well. Yoga offers a complete package that includes postures, meditation, breathing exercises, chanting, etc, to improve the overall being of the person. It improves physical fitness, builds mental strength, provides emotional balance, develops self-confidence, crafts positive attitude and enhances creativity.

So, practice yoga on a regular basis and reward yourself with incredible health benefits.

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