5 things you didn’t realize about hospice care

Putting a loved one in a hospice facility can be a frightening experience, but here are a couple of things that are good to know and might make it a little easier.

The words “hospice” and “hospice care” have many associations, and some of them can be misconstrued.

This is especially true if you have to place a loved one, or yourself, in hospice care.

But here are five things you probably didn’t realize about hospice care, and that can hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions.

1. Hospice care is not just for people who are terminally ill

One of the wonderful parts about hospice care is that it is not only for the individual but the whole family.

Dealing with all the things you and your loved ones have had to deal with through your medical diagnosis has probably been exhausting and overwhelming, and many hospice centers have tools to help all those affected through the day-to-day.

2. Hospice doesn’t mean you are giving up on life

Just because you or someone you love chooses to enter a hospice facility or have hospice care at home does not mean you are giving up on life.

Hospice care can mean different things for different people; it can mean they want to spend as much time as they can with those they love while being comfortable, it can mean they would rather be in a hospice facility than a hospital, or that they want the help and care they need around the clock.

Whatever the reason may be, hospice patients have not lost hope, they are just putting that hope into the hands of the professionals at their hospice facility.

3. It does not mean you can never leave

Some people believe that when a person enters a hospice facility they can never leave, but that isn’t true.

If you and your loved ones decide at any point that a hospice facility isn’t the place for you it is always possible to pause or even stop your hospice care completely.

There are many people who may get to a point in their illness that they are feeling and getting healthier and want to try going home for a while, and they can definitely do so, and the facilities and staff respect those decisions and help the patients to do that as well.

4. Hospice is actually affordable for most

Because many of the people that hospice facilities serve are 65 or older, most hospice care and treatments are actually covered by Medicaid which means most of the cost is covered.

This also means that there is generally little to no financial burden on your family, which is a comforting thought for many who are possibly facing the end of their life.

For many, when it comes to hospice care versus staying in a hospital, hospice is definitely the more affordable and cost friendly option.

5. Hospices are not only for older people

Hospice facilities and hospice care are not only for those who are older.

While those who are in hospice facilities or who use hospice care are usually older, hospice is for any age and will serve any person at any age in need of that type of service.

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