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Better Posture: 5 Tips For Women To Straighten Up

As we age, our posture slowly deteriorates due to the lack of activity, which may later result in many severe conditions. Women are usually at risk of facing posture issues because of weight, pregnancy, unfitting undergarment, and excessive sitting. Bad posture can later in life trigger heart disease as well as lungs-related problems. Moreover, bad posture affects joints, leading to poor balance and difficulties while walking. However, since bad posture is the result of a bad habit, i.e. not standing up straight, it can be easily corrected by following certain exercise routines.

Here are five tips to help with your posture:

Straighten up!

Bad posture is a bad habit that you have to be aware of. Every time you lean forward, you have to remember to straighten up right away. Keep your head up and pull those shoulders back! By doing this on a regular basis, you won’t experience back problems so often. Enhance your balance by standing near the wall, then lift one leg and hold it about 20 seconds. Keep the balance without sudden movements. Repeat this exercise with the other leg.

Pump up the muscles

As we age, our shoulder muscles lose their strength. Stretching is a great way to build shoulder and back muscles. Try stretching every morning by leaning against a wall. First, raise your arms to the level of your shoulders. Then, exercise your shoulder blade squeeze by standing straight and pushing your shoulders to the back with your arms stretched out. Make sure your elbows are facing down while you are stretching. With regular stretching, your posture will significantly improve.

Engage all the muscles

Another way to improve your posture is by doing the next simple routine. Sit on your balance ball, but keep the head, chest, and knees firm, then, move the ball by using your pelvic area. Exercise your balance by making three circles to the right, and then, three circles to the left. Make sure to do the exercise at a slow pace so you can control all your muscles and breathing. By engaging all your muscles, your posture shall gain more strength.

Work out the chest area

Some women face bad posture issues because their shoulders have difficulty supporting their breast weight. If you are experiencing neck and back pain while doing daily activities, the size of breasts could be the reason. The following exercise may help you. Lie on the stomach and lift your head and chest up and down, simultaneously with your feet. However, if the regular exercise is not efficient in the long run, a cosmetic surgery, such as breast reduction, can relieve you the excessive weight and discomfort.

Align your spine

Doing regular spine alignment routines shall help you regain your strong posture. Lean against a wall. Then, step forward and keep the feet away from the wall. Again, lean on the wall; make sure your back is touching the wall. Then, lean your head against the wall as well. Let it touch the wall. Hold this posture for 20 seconds. After a certain time, your head should have no problems reaching the wall. Another exercise is to put a small cushion behind your back when lying down. Hold this position for 5 minutes.

Better posture, better you

Bad posture problem cannot be fixed instantly. It takes time and commitment to improving what we have neglected in the past. So, straighten up! Engage and pump up those back muscles. Work on your chest as well as on your spine. By following these tips, not only does your posture get better, but so do you.

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