The brilliant benefits of skipping

While many of us can most likely recall days in the school playground skipping rope, did you know that the origins of this pastime stretch back all the way to 1600AD? The Ancient Egyptians and the Australian Aborigines were some of the first known populations to pick up a rope and jump over it for fun — and while the material might have progressed from flexible bamboo and vines to a combination of nylon and plastic, the hobby is still a firm favourite for children (and adults too!), promoting a whole host of benefits!

Affordable and fun

Pick up a rope, put on some suitable shoes and you’re ready to go! A skipping rope comes at a low cost but will provide hours of entertainment for children — just make sure that they have enough space! Skipping outdoors on a sunny day is an excellent way to enjoy the sunshine, but it can be just as fun after a rainy day — dig out your kids waterproofs and wellies from the cupboard, and let them have fun jumping in puddles!

Assists in developing concentration

Put some time aside and grab a skipping rope if you are looking to increase your alertness — the movement requires a lot of concentration which can even help to develop spatial awareness. Jumping rope promotes activity on both the left and right side of the brain, and this promotes improved reading skills, which can come in handy for in the classroom for children.

Boost coordination

Generally, coordination relates to how our arms and legs work to keep us in motion effectively. This is vital for our little ones as they grow and it can help in everything from tying laces to taking part in PE lessons at school. Skipping uses many of the body’s muscles at the same time, coordinating their actions and increasing hand-eye coordination.

Reduces fat and burns calories

The humble skipping rope can also help to get your heart rate up and boost your stamina. With every jump, calories are burnt, and fat can be reduced — making skipping one of the simplest ways to get some aerobic exercise into your daily routine. Many schools provide skipping ropes for their pupils, allowing them to get active and benefit from this fun way to stay fit.

Improves creativity

Skipping is far from boring — and it can be much more than simply jumping on the spot. There are a variety of ways to use skipping ropes and they can create group activities which get children working collaboratively. There no rules for jumping rope — so encourage your little ones to come up with their own games! You never know, you may be inspired to create a beautiful wall mural!

Keep calm and carry on skipping!

A skipping rope makes your brain and body work together, and in doing so youngsters can develop their ability to maintain their focus even while under pressure. Whether your children are playing outside with their friends, or learning in the classroom, harnessing the ability to stay calm is a useful life skill to have.

Ready to get going? Find a good quality skipping rope that suits your child’s height and let the fun begin!

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