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Cure Chapped Lips Naturally

How annoying is it when your lips are dry and chapped? Super annoying, I know! It’s amazing what you can do to cure those chapped lips in a matter of hours. Don’t just have the mind frame that I have to live with my lips being this way because there is no humidity where I live. That is not true. There is always a solution to the madness, and I am about to tell you what you can do to fix that problem. If it’s not so much about the chapped lips but more the dark lips that you want to cover up- you should invest in some lip concealer. Lip concealer is a great alternative to lipstick but with full coverage. Click here to see lip concealer reviews.

Remedies For Your Chapped Lips:

  • Your cleanser may be drying out your lips… therefore you need to purchase a high quality lip balm to put over your lips at the time you use your face wash or use my little hack and put Vaseline on your lips- which works like a charm.
  • Almond Oil is another natural oil that restores the skin and nourishes your lips with the Vitamin A & E.
  • Even though your lips are very dry, and painful- it will be beneficial to exfoliate your lips. Remove the dead skin and apply soothe lip balm to moisten your lips back up.
  • I DO NOT recommend using lip wax. This will dry your lips out even more, and you will be in more pain than ever before. Stick with the natural balms, oils and moisturizers.

I highly recommend sleeping with a humidifier in your bedroom, and even during the day when you are at home- turning it on will make a huge difference.  Moisture is the cure for chapped lips. That includes staying hydrating and drinking lots of water. It also matters what is happening on the inside of your body as well. Believe it or not, your chapped lips could be caused from eating too much spicy or salty food. Citrus foods and beverages also apply to this. I would pass on that delicious grapefruit juice in the morning until your lips clear up.

My Favorite Natural Remedy: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is phenomenal for almost anything. You can drink it, apply it to your sunburns and you can actually apply it to your lips. Aloe Vera will help soothe the pain and heal the small cracks that are causing your lips to be chapped. You can use it directly from the plant or purchase it at a drugstore.

If after you have tried everything on my list but it didn’t cut it for you, I would recommend checking in with your doctor. You could be suffering from a severe allergic reaction from something you are not familiar with. It’s important to get it checked out before it happens again and again. Sometimes there is an underlying cause to the madness and when your problems don’t cure within a certain time frame it is recommended to seek medical attention.

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