E-Cigarettes Explained: Read These 5 Tips Before You Start Vaping!

Vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking, and many people have decided to jump on the bandwagon. E-cigarettes are becoming much more user-friendly than ever, but there are still certain things you should know before you delve into it. This is to ensure you have a proper grasp of how to stay safe at all times as well as that your experience is as enjoyable as possible.

1. Don’t burn your coils

In other words, don’t try to fire the vaping device while there’s no e-liquid in it. This can overheat the device and deform the structure of the metal, and by doing this, more metal could get into the vapor, making it potentially unhealthy. Normally, the level of metals in the vapor aren’t considered to pose any risks to your health, but if you really go overboard with dry-heating the device, it might become a problem, so just don’t do it.

2. Don’t inhale the vapor

This is not smoking; you shouldn’t try to inhale the vapor through your lungs. Instead, it’s absorbed through your mouth and upper throat. If you want to hold it in your mouth a couple of seconds before exhaling, that’s fine. Now let’s be done with the boring safety tips and move on to the fun part of what you can do with these fun devices. But just in case, if you do want to stay on the safe side, you can read more about how to protect your good health while vaping at https://vaporescence.com.

3. Choose the right vaping device for you

If you’re after a potent dose of nicotine, get a device with a heating element that’s resistant and durable. However, the opposite is true if you want to produce giant smoke clouds (in which case you should get a vaping device with a low level of resistance). However, bear in mind that the latter type of devices are generally larger and also require a bigger set of batteries.

4. Explore the e-juices available

E-juices (or e-liquids) come in various different flavors. You can buy pre-made flavors with a hint of chocolate, coffee, or even fruit. Some of them deliver more of a nicotine punch than others. But if you truly want to get creative, you can even mix your own – down to the very last detail.

5. Replace the coils from time to time

As a final nugget of wisdom, do know that some parts will gradually wear out over time. The coils are an important example of this. If you don’t do this, the taste of the vapor will start getting increasingly more bitter. As for the recommended frequency of replacing, this should be about once per week (it depends on how often you use it, though).


This should be more than enough pointers to digest so that you can start exploring the world of vaping to your heart’s content. As long as you keep the basic safety principles in mind, there’s plenty of room for experimentation and finding out what you like best.

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