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Fitness Gurus You Need To Follow On Social Media

Social media has truly taken off — there’s no denying that we’re on hours every day. With around 2.62 billion users around the world, each platform allows people and brands to develop their own online personas and help them to attract a large following by posting meaningful content. As a result, brands have recently recognised that as social media grows, people with a high follower count can have a huge influence on their audience – and from a marketing perspective, can help sell a product or service. From this, influencer marketing was born.

Facebook might be the biggest of them all, however, Instagram is climbing the ranks. In this article, we take a look at some athletic influencers on Instagram that you should be following and analyse their accounts.


Joe Wicks (TheBodyCoach)

Transform your body and mind with Joe Wicks. With eight healthy eating cookbooks under his sleeve, Joe usually posts body transformation pics of his clients and of course healthy food! When it comes to working with brands, you can find him partnering with the likes of Gousto to share his delicious recipes. Aside from this, with his own rightful success, he’s been able to launch his own supplement range that has had rave reviews!

TheBodyCoach Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 5 Million Followers
  • 9,000+ Posts
  • 25,642 Average Likes
  • 07% Engagement Rate


Chris Magee (Mageesy)

If you’re not following him already, then you should be. With just 31,000 followers, the Irish fitness guru was formerly a personal trainer and now is an international yoga teacher – allowing his audience to practice with him online and ensure that they’re in the best mindset possible. Although he doesn’t work with brands as regular as other influencers on our list, he is known for doing charitable work. On International Yoga Day, he assisted the Yoga For Refugees event and shared his expertise with those in need.

Mageesy Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 400 Posts
  • 376 Average Likes
  • 29% Engagement Rate


Alex Bowen (AB_Bowen/AB_BownFitness)

If you’re a fan of Love Island, then you’ll probably remember this guy. Since his season ended, Alex has been able to rack up a following of 1.4 million followers on Instagram alone.

He’s always rocking the latest men’s t-shirts, so he’s a perfect inspiration for any fashionista. However, he does have a second account that is entirely dedicated to workout videos and gym pictures – which has gained a respectable following of almost 50,000 people

AB_Bowen Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 4 Million Followers
  • 2,000+ Posts
  • 514 Average Daily Followers
  • Around 40 Posts Per Month


Clem (Coach_Clem)

With just over 7,000 followers, Clem is definitely leaving a good impression on the athletic community. A lot of his posts are with his friends, which makes anyone looking for inspiration feel part of his club. Recently, he joined forces with health club Core Collective to release the 30/60 day Focus Pack which is a programme that works around your lifestyle. This means that you only pay for what you need, and gain access to consultation so you know you’re working in the right direction!

Coach_Clem Account Analysis January 2019*:

  • 400 Posts
  • 214 Average Likes
  • 22% Engagement Rate


Kenneth Gallarzo (Progressive_Calisthenics)

This guy is the insta-star of 2019. The majority of his uploads are videos, so you genuinely do feel a sense of unity and involvement when you’re browsing his page. You’ll even become familiar with a lot of the people he trains with! With 411,000 followers, this fitness fanatic posts videos and pictures from all over the globe — including Dubai — so you’ll never not feel inspired.

Progressive_Calisthenics Account Analysis January 2019:

  • 950+ Posts
  • 2,259 Average Likes
  • 56% Engagement Rate


Which influencers are your favourite?


*Influencer analysis data depended on business/personal account settings.


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