The Foods You Should Never Consume Before Going For a Ride

Among the many advices given to riders is to eat before going to the road. Cycling is not really easy as it seem because it requires a lot of energy. Going out without eating breakfast can be a reason for you to lose your motivation or even lose the needed energy for the activity. You need to eat healthy food to equip your body with the right nutrients it needs for exercises and other extreme bodily activities such as cycling. You can check for more information about the healthiest food that you can consume. However, it is also good to consider the fact that there are other food that should not be part of the list because of its effect of the body flow and other functions of the body that may affect your performance. Here are some foods that you should not eat before a ride:



It is not really the pasta itself that is not healthy for you. Most of the time, it is what goes with your pasta that can affect your body. Consider all the sauces, ingredients and spices you add to it. The combination of the ingredients including cheese and others that have so much fat content can affect your performance because it makes you feel heavy. The best way for you to avoid gaining weight because of fat is to be aware of the ingredients that go with your pasta. You should check the health benefits of everything that you will add to the dish.

Beans on toast


There are no issues when it comes to the nutrient content of beans on toast. The truth is, most dieticians would tell you that it is a good idea to include this to your breakfast meals because of its fibre content. However, if you are planning to for a ride, you should consider eating this after. Its fibre content will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable throughout the activity. It can also cause pain on the stomach. This will then become a reason for you to stop what you are doing.

Fizzy drinks

fizzy drinks

You might be thinking that drinks with high level of sugar can be helpful in keeping you strong and energetic while you are biking. There is a need for you to understand that fizzy drinks can give you that sudden and short boost but it does not last long. This is why it is better for you to drink water before you go on a ride. This way, you will not feel uncomfortable the moment the energy suddenly wears off.



Just like the beans on toast, there is nothing wrong with salad because it is natural and it can really help you especially when you are trying to balance your eating habits. But this is not a good choice of food if you are into cycling and you want to have this before starting off. It contains very low amount of carbohydrates and if you are planning on increasing your energy for before heading on the road, this will not be helpful.

Last night’s curry


Spicy food has this special effect to the body. It is believed to be helpful in preventing some diseases such as cancer. But for people who are into cycling, this should not be part of your list of food to eat before heading off to the road. Spicy food such as curry can cause acid reflux. This is much too painful that it can make you feel uncomfortable moving. Heartburn will make you feel like stopping with what you are doing. So better consider eating curry when you are not planning to head for the road.


The food that you eat before you ride should be healthy. You can consider more protein and carbohydrates to burn. Stay healthy and always check on your diet. This way, you will not lose your motivation for the activities that you engage yourself in. You also need to be picky when it comes to the food that you eat if you are looking forward to a longer day. Your water intake is also very important. You should go for something natural instead of drinking coffee or other acidic beverages.


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