Why You Should Go to A Prosthodontic Clinic for Your Dental Implants

Realising that you may need to get a dental implants done can be daunting. Most people are frightened of the dentist even during routine check-ups, let alone during more complicated procedures that involve drilling into the structure of your jaw. Dental implants also come with their fair share of embarrassment—many people are ashamed about gaps in their smile.

If you need to get an implant crown in Brisbane, there is no better choice than to go to a prosthodontist. Prosthodontic centres will perform dental implant procedures to the highest degree of professionalism and care.

If you are still deciding whether to turn to your regular dentist or go to a prosthodontist, here are a few reasons why going to a specialist matters when it comes to your implants.

What Is a Prosthodontist?

Prosthodontists are dentists who specialise in advanced dental issues, such as extensive damage to teeth or the jaw. Usually, if a person needs a dental implant, this is because of extensive damage to their mouth. While some regular dentists can treat bone and jaw issues, prosthodontists are better at it since they specialise in it.

Prosthodontic clinics in Brisbane offer services such as dental implants, cleft palate reconstruction, cosmetic veneers, and more. Some may specialise in particular dental problems such as geriatric degeneration or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Others also offer regular dental services in their practice, such as cleanings and regular examinations.

Experience Matters

Prosthodontists have extra training compared to regular dentists. In addition to graduating from dental school, prosthodontists complete a three-year-long graduate program and residency specialising in prosthodontics. During this program, they extensively study the anatomy of the jaw, creating implants and prosthetics, and other prosthodontic treatments.

Regular dentists who offer services such as implants often only need to have a certificate from a program that lasts a few days. While that does not mean they are bad at what they do, three years of specialised experience is still better than a few days.

If you need to get an implant crown, you want to make sure that the job is done right. You should go to a professional who has the most experience and advanced training in handling your specific problem, which is a prosthodontist. Your chances are much higher of having a successful implant that is attached properly if you go to a specialist.

They’ll Care About Your Appearance

When getting a dental implant done, there is nothing superficial about caring about your appearance. After all, your smile is often the first impression that people receive of you. You deserve to feel secure and confident that your dental procedures will not only work properly but look natural in your mouth.

Dental implants done by prosthodontists tend to look more natural than implants done by other dentists. One of the specialities that prosthodontists train in is cosmetic dentistry, such as installing veneers. As such, they will know how to adjust medical procedures to keep aesthetics in mind.

Your implant crowns do not have to look unnatural. A prosthodontist can shape and colour your implant so that it looks like your other teeth. Particularly if you are getting an implant near the front of your mouth, where many people will see it, it is worth it to think about its appearance.


Although implants are not a scary medical procedure, ideally, you still want a dentist who will follow up with you after the procedure. You never know if something could go wrong or if the implant is installed incorrectly.

Most prosthodontists care deeply about the success of their implants. They schedule multiple follow-up appointments to a procedure to ensure that the implants are functioning as they should.

Ideally, you want your implants to last for many years. Regular aftercare and a quality installation performed by a prosthodontist will ensure that your implants are durable no matter how much wear and tear you put them through.

Visit Your Local Prosthodontist Today

When getting an implant crown, it is best to go to a dentist who has the specialised education and experience that will make your implant as successful as possible. Your best choice is a prosthodontist.

Prosthodontists have several years of specialised education in implants and other complex dental procedures, so your chances of success are higher in their experienced hands. They also pay attention to the details of implants, such as the aesthetics, because the appearance of an implant is just as important as its functionality. Finally, prosthodontists provide dedicated aftercare that increases the lifespan of your implants.

Getting an implant crown or any other kind of dental implant is not exactly enjoyable. However, you can make the procedure easier for yourself by going to an experienced prosthodontist, who will perform a lasting implant for you on the first try.

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