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How to Heal Quickly After Surgery with Medical Mobility Products

Surgeries such as hip replacement have become common in various parts of the world. Weak joints, aging, diet, and modernization, have played significant roles in increasing the number of surgeries. However, surgeries are not the problem but the healing process. With buildings becoming complex, healing is hindered. However, here are some medical mobility products that can be used to speed the healing process after surgeries.

1. Transfer Benches

Moving to and fro the bathroom is a demanding task for someone who has had surgery, but transfer benches have been designed to make the entire movement seamless. They help a person move without exerting pressure to the area that has been stitched hence preventing setbacks. Transfer benches can be placed permanently in a shower or bathtub area but can also be removed and used in other areas around the room. These mobility products have also been known to be very effective in preventing slipping and falling.

2. Walking Frame

If you are looking for medical equipment that will enhance your safety & mobility, you should look for a walking frame. It is mostly used for people with injuries to increase balance and support while walking. Walking frames have a strong aluminium frame that is lightweight. Plastic handles are ergonomic. Rubber ferrules are important in stabilizing and preventing slips.

3. Shower Sprays

These are not the shower sprays that people have at home but rehabilitation shower sprays. They appear the same and have the same function, but they have been designed to fit into the needs of a person with decreased hand strength. Shower sprays are designed to help a person who has undergone surgery to bathe without difficulties and eliminate movement in the bathroom. Their primary role is to help persons who are healing from surgeries to bathe themselves hence ensuring their privacy.

4. Toilet Seat Risers

Bending is not recommended to people who have undergone surgery, especially hip replacement surgery. Toilet seats are therefore not considered as safe. Toilet seat risers are used to increase the height of the toilet seat to a comfortable position that a person healing from surgery can seat without problems. There are advanced toilet seat risers that come with armrest, which makes the overall experience comfortable.

5. Dressing Aids

Dressing involves several physical activities such as bending, sitting, moving legs, standing up, and moving arms, among others. All these activities are very painful to a person who has just gone through a surgery. Several dressing aids have been discovered to help people dress without much pain and struggles. However, it is essential to highlight that some sophisticated dressing such as buttoning a shirt and tying the shoe races cannot be done using dressing aids. The purpose of dressing aids is to help in main dressing clothes hence enhancing privacy.

6. Canes

Canes have historically been used as medical mobility products. However, technology has brought about strong and durable canes that have replaced the traditional rods that were chopped from wood. Buttock and thigh muscles might have decreased strength, which makes it difficult to move around. With a medical mobility cane, an individual can quickly move without pain and discomfort.

These are some of the medical mobility products that can help individuals to move around the house without difficulties. It is essential to highlight that their role is not to heal but to facilitate the healing process. They make mobility easier while at the same time preventing issues from doing with safety. Most of these products are available in medical stores and surgical hospitals.

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