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LeanFire XT Review: Showcasing This Popular Fat-Burning Supplement

LeanFire XT is a fat-burning supplement from the well known performance nutrition company Force Factor.

LeanFire XT has the ability to boost metabolism, increase thermogenesis, and ramp up the body’s need for energy to help you lose weight and trim down.

LeanFire XT helps burn fat and produces clear energy with virtually none of the caffeine jitters that so often accompany most fat-burning supplements on the market. It does this through a scientifically substantiated concept called “thermovigilance”.

The thermogenic complex contained in the supplement burns fat quickly and efficiently through thermogenesis, a physiological process of raising the body’s temperature. The supplement contains the ideal dosages of scientifically engineered ingredients to deliver the optimal potential for fat burning, plus the formula contains a proprietary ingredient called Verilean® that was shown to double weight loss vs. placebo.

With all that being said, is LeanFire XT truly the best fat-burning supplement?

What Is Thermogenesis and How Does It Help Burn Fat?

No LeanFire XT review would be complete without a brief discussion of thermogenesis and how this chemical process burns fat. The scientific term “thermogenesis” simply refers to the method of heat production in living organisms. Heat can burn fat in the human body. Any food or supplement that increases heat has the potential to lead to fat loss. Simply put, this is science.

Many thermogenic supplements, including LeanFire XT, contain compounds that have the potential to boost the body’s metabolism and thus ramp up the fat-burning process. Caffeine, green tea extract, and green coffee bean extract are a few of the best-known thermogenic ingredients on the market, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that Force Factor utilized those ingredients in LeanFire XT.

LeanFire XT: Substantiated Fat-Burning Ingredients

As mentioned, LeanFire XT contains Verilean, an extract of the green coffee bean that has been clinically shown to deliver significant weight loss. There’s another “green” ingredient: a green tea extract that is not only a fat-burning component, but a time-tested antioxidant. To boost body heat, and thus help enhance fat oxidation, there’s also cayenne pepper.

To further assist in the oxidation of fatty acids, the amino acid known as L-carnitine is part of the mix. Two other ingredients that supply much-needed energy are TeaCrine and DMAE.

LeanFire XT contains another amino acid: L-theanine. It works with the included 150 milligrams of caffeine to provide mental clarity, focus, increased energy, and fat burning, without the normal jitters associated with caffeine. That’s thermovigilance at work.

Is LeanFire XT the Best Fat Burner out There?

LeanFire XT, when objectively compared to other fat burners on the market, clearly stands out from the competition. In the seven key categories upon which fat-burning products are judged, LeanFire XT surpasses all challengers, in our opinion.

It is an ultra-premium supplement that contains Verilean, a moderate amount of caffeine, L-theanine, TeaCrine, Green tea leaf extract, and yohimbine HCl.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out this other LeanFire XT review on MorningHealthNews.com which showcases the results of real individuals who used LeanFire XT in conjunction with diet and exercised for 17 weeks. Your results may vary, of course.

How to Get Your Hands on LeanFire XT

LeanFire XT is available at the company’s website, https://www.forcefactor.com/products/leanfire-xt, or from GNC and Walmart online and in retail stores. A full month’s supply of LeanFire XT is $69.99, and Force Factor offers a 15-day sample for just the cost of shipping and handling for those who want to try it out. Also, there’s a money-back guarantee for those who, for any reason, wish to return the product within 30 days.

LeanFire XT is priced right, offers an option for customer to try the product for 18 days, and comes from a company that stands behind the quality of their products with a money-back guarantee.

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