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What to Pack for Yoga Teacher Training in India

If you are taking yoga teacher training for the first time, then you are probably a little clueless about what to pack. Although packing right is not easy when you are setting out for a yoga teacher training India, you can always take help from other people’s experience. If, however, you do not know someone who has taken a yoga teacher training before, then here is a guide to help you pack well.

So, have a look at the guidance dished out below and never feel confused as to what to or not to pack for your next yoga training stint.

  1. The first and most important thing to pack is a yoga mat. We are not saying that you will not be provided with a mat when you will be in your yoga teacher training centre. But you never know what kind of mat you will get to use. If it’s dirty or falling apart or is stinking, you will probably not be able to use it. At that time, you will wish you had your own yoga mat with you. To make sure you don’t face such a situation, it is advisable that you take your own yoga mat along with you.
  2. The second important thing to pack is a mat cleaner. Remember, it’s not always inside a closed space that you will be imparted yoga training; some instructors like to teach yoga outdoors. And if you have to lay a yoga mat on the ground, then it sure is going to get dirty. Interestingly, you won’t have to go outside to get your mat dirty; it can attract dust and dirt even when you use it inside a room. And there is nothing worse than doing yoga on a dirty yoga mat. When in the training centre, you will realise that majority of the people have not come prepared the way you have. So, you will probably be able to help your fellow yoga trainees with your mat cleaner. If you do not feel like using any synthetic mat cleaner, then it will be valuable for you to prepare a natural mat cleaner at home. There are many tutorials available online that teach how to prepare mat cleaners. Just follow one and bam! Your mat cleaner is ready.
  3. When you are in India, catching sight of people in saffron clothes is very common. Although it’s not necessary to clad yourself in saffron clothes for yoga practice, people do so because they like to make their experience with yoga special. If you too want to make your association with yoga unique and special, then try incorporating special things into your practice. No, we are not talking about props; we are rather talking about that beaded chain or that crystals that you can keep beside you during practice for that extra dose of focus and feel.
  4. Yes, meditation and other forms of yoga are not going to make you sweat profusely. But certain yogasanas are tiring; and they can make you sweat heavily. There is nothing to be worried about this. After all, it is this sweat that will make you feel like you are actually doing yoga in some spiritual place in India. But the problem arises when the Sweat begins to bother you. Sweat dripping down your cheeks and neck can be quite irritating at times. And to fix this problem, you need face wipes handy. These swipes will help you feel fresh again while in practice, and will help you focus on your asanas, and not on your dripping sweat drops.
  5. Don’t forget to bring a reusable water bottle with you. When in India, you cannot drink tap water directly, but you can find purified water sources in many places. You might need a reusable bottle to fill in this water to quench your thirst when you are really thirsty. This is going to save you a lot of bags that you would have otherwise spent buying branded bottled mineral water, easily available in shops.
  6. As we have mentioned earlier, it is not just inside a room that your yoga classes are going to be undertaken; outdoor yoga sessions too are going to be a part of your training. And if you do not want the scorching sun to pierce through your skin, then it will be wise of you to carry a sunblock with you at all times. This is for those occasions when you have to head out and soak in the sun.

These are definitely some of the most important items that you should have with you when you are in India for yoga teacher training. So, what makes you wait? Pack your bags today and get flying!

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Devakar Sandhu has immense interest in yoga and has expertise over the subject. His desire to help people benefit from yoga has helped him stand out as a yoga trainer.

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