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What is the right way to do decline bench press, and what are the benefits?

There’s no denying the legendary experience of performing a bench press. Even if it’s a legendary experience, the most fabled legends at times fail to be perfect. To simply put, even after a half-century of gym dominance and with verified advantages of building strength, the barbell bench press is going nowhere. And if you’re a regular gym goer, you might have experienced the same old question as to how much you bench on a regular basis. Isn’t it the same old question that most of the individuals have questioned you? However, while asking this, most of them indicate the traditional techniques of performing it for challenging the muscles in a different way for garnering better results as well as muscle growth.

An Introduction to the Decline Bench Press

A prominent variation of the traditional flat bench press is popularly known as the bench press. As a matter of fact, a whopping percentage of individuals training their chest surely can implement this particular method into their individual routine. The incline bench press happens to be immensely beneficial. However, if there was another variation which could break individuals through the plateau or even helped to shape the lower chest, then what would have been? Fortunately, there happens to be, and that option comes in one effortless motion and in the name of decline bench press. Decline meaning here is in terms of the posture and position of the body.

How Performing Decline Bench Press is Easy?

First off, you require finding either the decline bench station. As a matter of fact, you can also search for the decline bench anywhere in the gym and then slide it into the power rack. Right after you place that bench on your preferred area, you would have to secure the feet at the end of the decline bench. You just require laying back. You would have to make sure that the bar is placed with the head such that pulling it from rack becomes easier while positioning in the chest’s center. For positioning the hand, you require grabbing the bar with the standard. You would have to widen the shoulder width and grip.

Upon unracking the bar, you would have to breathe in and lower the bar towards the chest gradually. When you get the bar to the chest, you have to explode up and press the bar right at the back to the original position while you are exhaling. You can repeat the process several times. All you have to do is make sure that when you are performing this particular exercise you would have to pay more attention to it.

Potential Benefits of Decline Bench Press

First and foremost, the decline bench press happens to be the one that targets the lower portion of the chest more effectively than the traditional flat bench and the incline bench. This happens to be essential in case you wish your chest to be wide, defined, and round. And if you add them to your daily lifting schedule, then it could really be helpful for you to fix the imbalances which you might have already noticed in the chest because of any lack of the lower-pectoral stimulation. Additionally, it would also be helpful in increasing chest strength with great effort.

The next benefit of this is that it happens to be a powerful chest move. Owing to the aforementioned statement, it can take your shoulders out of equations than the usual flat or incliner counterparts.

The positioning and bar positioning lets your shoulder implement a lesser effort due to its decline. It truly isolates the chest for the great pump. As a matter of fact, it can also help in reducing the strain on the lower back that you might feel when you perform the traditional flat bench press.

Decline Bench Press’s Dumbbell Variations

In case you wish to stimulate pectoral muscles, then you should also try the dumbbell variation by using the decline bench. You require going lighter right in the initial stage due to the fact that it happens to be an odd angle for holding the dumbbells and at the same time can be dangerous too. Once you already get the feel for the movement, then you can also increase the weight. The spotter will be helpful here as the safety blanket.

For incorporating the decline bench press into the chest routine, you can also perform it right after the traditional flat bench. You would have to make sure to put the important core lifts in the first place. The standard of three sets of the weight which can get not more than eight to ten can be more than enough for sparking the growth in the lower chest region.

The decline bench press isn’t a mandatory workout. However, it can be of real benefit, if you add the volume as well as quality to the workout schedule. In case you desire to be aesthetic, then you can get the best chest workout for you. That’s when the importance of decline bench press comes into the picture.

Wrap up

While both the decline & incline bench press offer similar engagement of clavicular head of the chest, the decline bench press is a bit better method. Thus, this guide has compiled the various benefits of the decline bench press along with its performing method.

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