How Smoking Affects Your Loved Ones

Smoking does not just affect the active smokers, but also their loved ones. The smoke and the smell affect the relationship between a smoker and his or her loved ones. Smoking has damaged most relationships due to the consequences caused by tobacco.

Most non smokers have a hard time associating with smokers due to various social and health reasons. It is important to put into consideration your loved ones before embarking on smoking. Let us look at ways in which your smoking habit affects the people that you love.


A tobacco smoker is first identified by the smell of tobacco on their clothes and environment. Most smokers’ family suffers inside due to the unbearable smell of tobacco all over their homes. No amount f air freshener or cologne can successfully cover the smell of tobacco.

Your smell can lead to a broken marriage if your spouse is a nonsmoker who cannot bear the smell of tobacco. Your friends could start avoiding you to avoid putting up with your smell. Many smokers do not realize the impact they have on the people around them. You can relieve their stress by switching to modernized methods like e-cigarettes. You can still enjoy your tobacco flavor using the best e-liquid without the smell.

Secondhand smoke

This smoke is dangerous to those around you. You might argue that you are only smoking and harming your own body, but you are actually killing our loved ones slowly. Secondhand smoke is more dangerous than the smoke inhaled by the active smoker. You exhale more smoke than you inhale, and the exhaled smoke is inhaled by a person near to you. The secondhand smoke is also a cause of cancer, bronchitis, COPD, Heart attack, and other smoking-related conditions. The carbon monoxide that is produced when tobacco is burned is dangerous when inhaled directly or indirectly.

Stress and Worry

Many deadly conditions are associated with smoking. Your family and loved ones live in constant worry and stress because of you. The thought of your premature death from these conditions can cause discomfort among your family and friends. Your children might live with the fear of losing their parent to smoking-related conditions. These worries can be put to rest by quitting smoking. You can also start by switching to vaping and stop smoking completely. Some sacrifices, especially for the sake of your loved ones, are worth it.


Your loved ones bear all the embarrassing moments when you have to leave an important matter to go and have a smoke. It might seem normal to you, but the society can be harsh with judgment. Top management officials and people who are held high in the society have lost their jobs and dignity due to the nervousness and withdrawal symptoms of smoking. Many companies have strict policies against smoking, and you might lose the source of income for your family.

Negative Influence on Kids and Teenagers

If you are a smoker and you have noticed that your relatives keep their children away from you, it is because they do not want their children to pick the habit from you. Your children cannot be kept away from you, and chances are that they will start smoking at an early age. This is a sad situation that requires being handled with care. It is a shame to be the negative influence on your children. No matter how you try to convince them that smoking is wrong and yet you keep smoking, your advice might fall on deaf ears.

Cigarette smoking is a bad habit that has never been known to bring any positive effect. If you cannot quit for yourself, then do it for your loved ones.

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