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Top 5 Reasons Why You Don’t Succeed in Your Weight Loss Goals

Losing weight can be a Herculean task – if you don’t know what you’re up against. Nevertheless, when you go into a weight loss quest knowing the reasons why you might not succeed, then chances are – you will be able to overcome these obstacles and increase your odds of winning the fight against your extra weight.

To help you succeed in your weight loss goals, here are the top 5 reasons why you don’t succeed.

#1 – You may possess both genes that can affect the progress of your weight loss goals

You may have noticed that there are people who don’t grow fat no matter how voraciously they consume food. On the other hand, there are also individuals who grow fat quickly, even when they are on a diet. This is because their genes affect their body’s responses to weight loss activities/exercises.

Researchers have discovered that having these two genes, a particular genotype of the COMT and the specified CYP19 gene can have a significant decrease in the individual’s BMI (Body Mass Index) and total fats. They also found out that women with the specific variant of the CYP19 genes had more estrone and estradiol. These are hormones that could prevent fat loss through exercise.

Hence, next time you don’t lose weight as your friends do, don’t feel devastated. You may have the variants of these two specific genes in your system. When you’re aware of this fact, you would know how to organize your activities around this concept. You can increase the duration of your exercises, as compared to your friends, and you can eat foods that have less cholesterol.

This is because cholesterol is the basis of all steroid hormones, such as estrone, estradiol, and testosterone. The lesser estrone and estradiol you have, the more you would be losing weight.

#2 – Your weight loss program doesn’t encompass all the aspects of weight loss

When losing weight, it’s crucial that all the other aspects are included. These are:

  • Balanced diet – you have to eat just enough carbohydrate to supply your source of energy, and less of sugar and meat fats. You must eat at least three servings daily of fruits and vegetables. For your protein supply, you can rely more on legumes and fish, instead of meat.
  • Sufficient sleep – for you to stay healthy, you need at least 8 hours of sleep daily. Lack of sleep can cause eating binges, mental lapses and decreased cognitive skills. When you go into an eating binge, this would disrupt your weight loss progress.
  • Proper hydration – hydrating yourself properly contributes significantly to your endeavor, because water helps eliminate fats from your system. Being adequately hydrated would also prevent the frequency of your hunger pangs.
  • Appropriate exercises – you should choose exercises that are appropriate to your body size, height and personal preferences. These should be exercises that you enjoy doing and have no difficulty performing. You may want to use gadgets, such as sweet sweat trimmers, to help you exercise properly. You can peruse the sweet sweat reviews to find out what’s best for you.
  • Avoidance of illicit drugs, nicotine and excessive caffeine – these substances of abuse could prevent you from losing weight. This is because they contain harmful substances that can cause injury to your brain and body. When your brain and body are unhealthy, how can you focus on losing weight?


#3 – You lack persistence

When you fail in your weight loss goals, you usually quit and don’t persist. You can never succeed, if lack persistence. Losing weight is not easy. So, you have to be persistent and diligent to pursue your goals. Never give up because with grit and determination, you would eventually succeed.

#4 – The state of your mind is that of a loser

Your worst enemy is yourself. If you proceed with your weight loss program with no self-confidence, you will certainly fail. Foremost, you must be optimistic that you will succeed. If you believe you can, then you will surely triumph over all the challenges that would come your way. Take note that the mind is powerful enough to help you succeed, but first you must firmly believe in your ability.

#5 – You have chosen the wrong program

If you didn’t succeed after several tries, you may have chosen the wrong weight loss program. Thus, it’s imperative that at the onset, you have to go over the process to determine, if you’re up to it or not. Choose a program that would support your belief, practices and your preferences.

An example is choosing weightlifting as part of your exercises, when you hate the activity, or of adopting a purely vegan diet in your meals, when you hate veggies. Of course, there are activities that you have to do even when you dislike them, but if you have the choice to select one that you prefer – that would be the ideal scenario.

Being aware of these reasons will help you fulfill your weight loss goals and, at the same time, stay healthy and happy.


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