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These are the top searched health fads in the United States

The world of health and fitness is constantly evolving. Every day there seems to be a new boutique workout studio, organic juice shop, and some new diet popping up in the news. It’s almost impossible to scroll social media without seeing ads for fit teas and diets that promise to make you lose 10lbs in one week. It makes you wonder how much of this is actually true and what are people most searching for right now?

In a recent analysis done by Health-Ade Kombucha, they looked at the top searched health fad by state. This includes top searched fitness trend and top searched diet.

It’s interesting to see the analysis in a time where COVID-19 has most gyms closed to the public, but this means at-home workouts are becoming more popular. According to the study, at-home workouts are the most popular fitness trend in four states. Those states are North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. These states have the right idea – working out at home means you are most likely practicing proper social distancing.

The fitness trend that is the most popular in most states is weight training, which could encompass a lot of different types of workouts. Weight training is the most popular in 15 states. Unless you currently have weights at home, there probably isn’t a ton of weight training happening during COVID.

Now moving on to the most popular diet trends. This probably won’t come as a surprise to most, but the top searched diet in most states (13 to be exact) is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has seen an increase in popularity over the last several years. Chances are you probably know someone who is currently or has done this diet. Other popular diet trends include vegan, carb cycling, weight watchers, gluten free, and many more.

Reading about these health fads probably has you ready for a workout and maybe a little hungry. So get off the couch, do some squats, and then eat a big nutritious meal or a cookie – whatever floats your boat.

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