3 Reasons Why Granules Loss Matters

When shopping for roofing supplies to begin pricing up a roofing job, understanding why Shingle Granule Loss is an important can make a big difference. The shingle granules protect a roof from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Choosing roofing materials with a low loss of granules will improve the longevity of your roof.

What Happens if You Do Not Consider Granules loss?

If you do not take granules loss into account when choosing your roofing tiles, you will encounter a bunch of problems. Because granule quality generally dictates how much UV damage is prevented to the items in your attic. The potential damage can even extend beyond that if you live in a particularly sunny area. UV rays can cause discoloring and even make certain materials brittle with prolonged exposure.

The heat from the UV rays will also cause bleaching of pretty much any color on any material so if you have some paintings stored in your attic you can expect them to be all bleached out if you do not think about granules loss. The glue that holds the various fibres together can also melts in the heat of the sun. This will make the roof easier to slip on. What if you need to do some maintenance on your roof and you end up falling off because of the hazard that has been created by melted glue? It can be life threatening if not considered.

Improved Longevity

Having a roof made from material that is better resistant to granules loss will improve the longevity of your roof. Assuming you take the precautions needed to protect your roof. You will be able to wait a lot longer till you need to replace that roof because it will be better at dealing with intense weather conditions. Your roof will also be more resistant to UV rays, so you do not have to worry about your roof becoming dangerous to stand on.

With materials that have supreme resistance to all the elements that will have to face, you can be confident that your roof will continue to look great and protect your home. Because at the end of the day, a roof is there to protect our homes.

Save Money

You will save a lot of money in the long term if you get roofing materials with a low granules’ loss. This is because roof replacements are expensive. For example, having to replace your roof 3 times in 10 years for $10k a time is going to be more expensive than if you spend the money right now and have the same roof last for 10 years. With the right granule’s loss considered you might only spend $20k in total. Please note, this is purely an example; prices will vary dramatically based on location. This way you will make a huge long term saving and reduce the potential damage to your home.

To summarize, seriously considering how granules loss will affect the quality of your roof over time is an important thing to take into account. If you do not it will cost you a lot more money than you would expect in the long term. Doing your research will pay off huge because your home is a massive investment so make sure that you give it the time and attention that it deserves. There are plenty of things that you can look up though, things like these factors to consider if you decide to make use of a roof spray professional etc. Spending that little extra time on research will make a huge difference.

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