5 DIY Cool & Creative Patio Floor Ideas

If your patio is aged with holes in the concrete and stains on the rugs, it is time for a total overhaul. Challenge yourself by undertaking a DIY project to turn your patio floor into the desirable outdoor living space it once was. Here are some cool and creative patio floor ideas that you can do without having to hire a professional.

  1. Create a stone patio using different colored stones for natural contrast. To break the stony look, plant flowers right in between stones or use vines to draw the eye up a wall or post.
  2. For a cleaner, modern look, get some interlocking deck tiles that you can easily lay over the existing concrete. This is an easy job for the hands-on person with a knack for trying out different outdoor projects. Personalize your floor by creating unique patterns that will certainly bring life to a previously drab patio floor. Using a lattice patio cover in Phoenix would be a great way to bring life to the floor as the sun’s rays seep and dance all over the space.
  3. For a unique, rustic feel on your patio, try the in-thing. Many DIY enthusiasts like achieving a mid-century look by laying decorative concrete blocks on their sides.
  4. If you like the raw look of concrete, add spice to your patio floor by laying pavers on a bed of sand. For increased aesthetic appeal, you can pour layers of gravel in the spaces between your pavers. Instead of the usual square pavers, you can go for circular shapes in different sizes for a more playful look. If you are not ready to pay for so many pavers, there are reusable molds available to help you create your own pavers on a sand surface.
  5. Artificial glass works like a gem on the patio and it is much easier to care for than the real thing. You can go as creative as possible with this project but take care to ensure a balance in the patio space. A daring individual might have turf grass surrounding a patio table that sits on a slab of decorative Instead of a border pavement made of concrete, why not have the patio bordered by a strip of artificial grass. A splash of bright colors would be great to complete this look.
  6. If you think the bare concrete patio floor is too boring a look for your tastes, try creating your own patterned patio. Use an oversized checkerboard design on the floor and add some prints to add some style to the outer edges. This is a great way to achieve a retro, fun look on the patio. A plastic checkerboard carpet, tiles in different shades or colors or even different shades of wood would be great to use in creating a creative checkerboard patio floor.
  7. Instantly transform the patio using rugs to cover some parts of a flagstone floor. It is an incredibly easy project to take on at home and you can go with any color that complements your outdoor style.

Transforming your patio by yourself doesn’t have to be a daunting process as you don’t have to pull down the existing floor. DIY projects should be easy and fun, with these ideas for anyone who is tired of their drab looking patio. It might take a few hours or a few days to overhaul your outdoor space but once you are done, it will certainly be worth the wait. An artistic, lively patio becomes the whole family’s retreat spot away from the resorts.

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