5 Low-maintenance Outdoor Installations That Will Revitalize Your Garden

Are you tired of the way your garden looks? Sure, your outdoor space may be filled with flourishing plants, but it can lose its appeal after retaining the same look for a long time. Try the following smart and simple landscaping ideas that will change the look of your outdoor space from drab to fab in no time.

1. Create a walkway

Dead grass is unappealing no matter its purpose. Still, some people walk on the lawn to create a makeshift path that connects to points of interests outside the house. To avoid damaging your lawn, you can easily construct a walkway in the middle of it. This addition beautifies your garden and easily fulfills the purpose of connecting your patio, fire pit, and garden.

A garden path is not hard or time consuming to build. You can use materials like stepping stones, natural flagstone, decorative brick, or crushed stone to add character to your property. It’s a good idea to pick a material that matches the exterior of the house to tie the landscaping together.

2. Add an outdoor water feature

The sound and sight of flowing water easily does the job of enhancing the appeal of any property. Whether it is a stone fountain for your garden or a backyard waterfall and stream, a water feature brings nature closer to home and creates a serene and elegant atmosphere in a subtle way. The water feature can be the focal point of the garden or it can be integrated with the plants for a holistic look. Make it large and use striking components but do not use too many materials as it can make the area look too busy. Go for an elegant and bold design but make sure that it complements the surroundings.

3. Install outdoor seating

Outdoor seating, such as a patio or bench, makes a garden or lawn more inviting. If you install it in the right place, a patio or bench can even be the most relaxing spot in your property. Build one at the edge of your lawn, away from your house, and in a quiet spot to instantly create a private outdoor escape.

Choose an area 6 to 8 ft away from your home, preferably under a tree. Your patio seats can be made of concrete, stones, or pavers — it does not really matter as long as you can sit or lie down comfortably on it. Surround it with flowers and plants and it will serve well as a place where you can read, have a cup of tea, or nap on a lazy afternoon.

4. Have appropriate lighting

Most people don’t pay attention to lighting arrangements, but it can definitely make a difference in your garden’s atmosphere. Landscape lights add a lot of drama and effortlessly create a sense of nostalgia. Proper lighting will make your garden easier on the eyes, especially during the night, and it can highlight the area’s points of interest. But more than that, it illuminates the paths and walkways to enhance safety. The lights are commonly placed in a straight-line along the path, but you can easily add it to alternate sides of the walkway if you want to mix it up a bit.

5. Enhance the landscape with edging

Most likely, your house foundation has edging, just like your driveway and sidewalk. Why not add some to your garden to bring everything together? Edging in flower gardens look attractive. Do it in curves instead of straight lines to add more appeal. It is one of the easiest ways to add character to your landscape, plus maintaining it requires minimal effort.

Try one or a couple of these ideas to revitalize your garden. A few tweaks here and there can add more impact to the look of your garden and make you feel excited about your outdoor space again.


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