6 Design Ideas for 2-Storey Homes in Tight Urban Locations

Despite the price of land in urban locations being at a premium, a lot of people still choose to purchase land and build a home in big cities. This is because of the convenience urban areas provide. In a city location, it will be highly likely that they would be near public transport stations, business establishments, and offices.

This, of course, presents another problem — residential areas are already cramped. At times, even if you find a good lot, it would mean that your home opens up straight into the view of your next-door neighbors.

Such space constraints can be a real problem, but with smart home design, you can get the most out of any size of space you get for your home. One of the best solutions, when you have a small lot to build a home on, is to opt for a multi-story design.

The best two-story home builders, for example, will not just double the amount of useful space for your house, but they can also include design elements to make home-living a true reflection of your dreams and values.

Smart Design Strategies for Homes

If you are building a home on a small lot in a cramped community, the size of the space you will be working with does not need to compromise the ideals for your home. As mentioned earlier, expert home builders offer a variety of solutions to space problems. These solutions make size a non-issue.

Here are five design elements that help outwork the characteristic limitations presented by living in a tight urban location.

1. Underground rooms

Underground rooms are good considerations for homes in congested communities, and they are quite comfortable to stay in especially when the weather gets warm. Some homeowners think of underground rooms as mere basements to store supplies, but expert build and design company, Danmar Homes says there are so many possibilities with underground rooms.

For a family home, an underground room can be a recreation room for the children. It can also serve as a man cave or library. Indeed, with a basement, you can further improve the style and functionality of your home and have a more fulfilling life with your family.

2. Skylights

If you are not keen on your neighbors seeing into your home so easily, opt for wraparound walls with no windows and install skylights instead. Skylights can replace windows by allowing for better ventilation and illumination.

During the day, you can avoid turning on electric lights, too, and take advantage of the sunlight. At night, on the other hand, you can enjoy a view of the night sky as you are getting ready for bed.

However, if you do not mind seeing the property next to yours, you can still install some windows along with skylights for optimum natural ventilation and illumination.

3. Semi-open courtyard

A semi-open courtyard falls into the trend of indoor-outdoor living spaces. If you can’t have a garden to grow plants, a small courtyard that flows smoothly into your dining area, kitchen, or living room is the next best thing.

This home feature can serve a variety of purposes, but what’s particularly special about it is you get a lovely outdoor space that is conveniently connected into one of the rooms of your home. You can place a few plants here, decorate it with outdoor furniture, or leave it as a ‘blank space’ where you can exercise or meditate in the morning.

4. Double-layer louvers

If you want your home to feel airy and comfortable even in the scorching heat of the summer, double-layer louvers are a fantastic solution. These implements will allow you to strategically direct air from outside to particular corners in your house.

Plus, if you have skylights, you can create a natural air conditioning system with these louvers and the skylights. The cold air can come through the louver and direct hot air to rise to the skylights. This, however, is a design that is a little complicated to pull off. Thus, hire only the best designers and builders if you are interested in working these features into your home.

5. Steel tinplate staircases

Industrial elements can look good in homes, too. Steel tinplate staircases, for example, have risen to great popularity in the interior design world for their simplistic beauty but excellent functionality. It is a common element in modern minimalist homes because they feel and look bright and light.

The little holes on the steel tinplate allow for light to shine through. Plus, they make cleaning up quite easy. Best of all, they are durable, easy to repair if they break, and quick to install.

6. Customizable storage

In-wall cabinets with wooden doors that have holes are smart design implements as well. Aside from creating a sleek storage solution for any part of the home, it also offers countless possibilities for accessorizing.

The holes will allow you to place pegs in to hold everything from a wall-mount TV to shelves, additional lights, and so much more. You can even hang decorative items from this customizable storage system that will never go out of style.

Making modest city homes grand

These design ideas can also be used for big houses because of their impressive style and utility.

However, they, indeed, are innovative and ingenious solutions that can make smaller homes feel grand as well. So, if you want your two-story house in the city to feel and function ‘bigger’ than it is, these are the design ideas to consider seriously.


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