7 ways your bedroom decor could sabotage your sleep

In order to keep up with today’s fast and competitive world, a good night sleep is crucial. Nevertheless, overcame with obligations we’re constantly stealing hours from our sleep. And sometimes, even if we do have time, we spent the better part of the night lying awake in our beds, tossing around. There are many factors for this disability to fall asleep, from physical disturbances to psychiatric disorders, but in many cases, our biggest enemy is our bedroom. We use this room for various purposes during the day, as an office, laundry room, library, etc. But at the end of the day, it must be a comfortable place where you can relax and fall asleep. Here is the look on some obstruction elements you need to take care of.

1. Foundation for your dreams

When designing our bedrooms, as a consequence of living in a capitalistic consumer society, we choose aesthetics over functionality. We’re searching for the bed that will fit in the style of our room, not paying attention to the kind of mattress it has.  The most common reason for the lack of your sleep is the quality of your mattress – it can be too hard, too soft, or too lumpy. There are various types of mattresses and you need to choose one that suits you the most.

2. Pitch black


Darkness is one of the most important conditions for a good night sleep. It is proven that the natural circadian rhythm of our body and mind is closely connected to dark-light cycle. So, the presence of too much light can be the thing that keeps us awake. In this digital era, we’re surrounded by products that can light up your bedroom – televisions, digital clocks, computers, phones, etc.  It’s advisable to keep these things out of the bedroom, at least at night. Also, try to avoid bright lights before you go to bed – switch to lamps where you can dim the light.

3. Keep it cool


The temperature of your bedroom can also be the cause for your inability to fall asleep. If your bedroom is cooled during the night it would be easier to shut your eyes. But that doesn’t’ mean you’re supposed to be cold, either. Whether it’s too hot or too cold, it can produce restlessness and affect your REM stage. Maybe your windows need treatment in order to prevent outside weather conditions from entering. Another solution is a ceiling fan or portable heater.

4. Color impact


Strong and vivid colors are very popular today, but they’re certainly not suitable for your bedroom walls. Before choosing the right color take a look at the psychology of colors in order to realize what effect will produce on your mood and emotions. It’s always good to use calm and soothing colors because they will make your sleep calm and peaceful.

5. Sound asleep

Sound can be a big distraction. Whether it’s a snoring partner, someone watching TV in the other rooms or external noises like cars passing and dogs barking, it’s quite possible that’s what keeps you awake at night.


Use carpets that will baffle sounds, make sure your windows can close properly to lessen the street noise and consider purchasing ear plugs. It’s good to implement some soothing sounds, like crickets’ chirping or soft wind chimes which you can play from a CD player hidden away somewhere in the bedroom.

6. Labyrinth at night

Having too many unnecessary things can cause uneasiness and anxiety in every room, especially in your bedroom. Your late night walk to the kitchen for the glass of water shouldn’t include the possibility of breaking your neck. All the clutter covering your floor can become a labyrinth at night. Everybody knows how hard is to organize all the things you need, but the point is to ask yourself do you really need them and do you really need them now. That doesn’t mean you need to throw any of your stuff away, you can just choose from a variety of effective supercheapstorage that will free you from clutter without having to say goodbye to the things you don’t want to let go.

7. Bless you


Sniffing and sneezing can certainly keep you awake during the night. Many people have allergic reactions to dust, pets, and plants. Maybe you need to get rid of the rug and forbid your pet entrance into the bedroom. You may also have to part with some plants, but you can always swap them with the ones you’re not allergic to. It’s always good to do an allergy test to know what must go and what can stay.

Always keep in mind that the bedroom is the most intimate space and that the design must follow your personal needs. Colors, light and overall organization are not just aesthetic elements, they also dictate how you feel.

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