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Adding Elements of Modern Art to the Exterior of your Home

Modern art is a movement of art which originated in 1872 with Claude Monet’s impressionist image of a sunrise, titled “Impression, Sunrise”. The impressionist movement uses blurred brush strokes and muted tones to create an impression of an image, without clearly defining it. The Impressionist movement gave birth to post-impressionism, where artists like Vincent Van Gogh began using bright colors and emotions in their paintings. “Starry Night” is one of the most famous paintings Van Gogh created. Over time modern art came to include abstract images, pop art, and cubism.

Modern art can be incorporated into the exterior of your home in many ways. The unique styles and colors of modern art add interest to your home’s exterior and bring an updated, modern feel.

Outdoor Sculpture

Outdoor sculptures come in a wide range of sizes. The idea of owning a sculpture might seem daunting or even a little bit silly, but with a huge variety of sizes and styles of modern art sculptures available you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. If you have a certain style or color in mind, you can commission a custom sculpture from an artist on Etsy or maybe even through a local artist’s society.


When you think of a water fountain you may imagine a naked cherub blowing a stream of water through his puffy cheeks. This is the type of fountain your grandma may have had in her garden, but a modern outdoor fountain can add a touch of upscale style to your garden. Outdoor water fountains can be the focal point of your garden, and the ambience of sounds they provide gives a beautiful background to your summer gatherings. These fountains are self-contained and require very minimal set-up while still providing beauty and style.

Plant pots

Planting pots don’t have to be boring terra cotta monoliths. Sharp lines, bright colors, and unexpected shapes can be front and center in your garden with modern planters. Choose plants with a variety of textures and heights, and check at your local garden center for the best plants to provide the look you want to achieve.


Chimes are another item your grandma probably has in her garden, but grandma has a good point – the sound of chimes adds a peaceful backdrop and can help cover up the noise of traffic or other unpleasant sounds coming from your neighborhood. Modern chimes are a great way to bring art to your garden. They can be made of anything from wood or metal to glass and even natural items like shells, and there is a huge variety of styles and colors available.


No garden is complete without comfortable seating. Garden seating doesn’t have to fit into the ho-hum variety. Large stones with nooks carved out for seating, benches built to curve around trees, and other furniture made into unique and unexpected shapes are a wonderful way to bring both variety and functionality into your garden.


Outdoor tables are another place where modern art can be introduced into the backyard. A small table with mosaic patterns can hold a planter, or a larger pedestal coffee table can make your area feel cozy as well as add an element of functionality. Tables of unique shapes such as triangles or even asymmetric designs are a beautiful way to bring art to your garden.

Bird feeder

Yes, it’s grandma again. Bird feeders may seem old-fashioned, but there are serious benefits to having birds visit your garden. Birds are a natural way to cut down on bugs, not to mention the fact that bird-watching is an enjoyable way to spend a lazy summer afternoon. Birds can also help your flowers pollinate and spread their seeds and reduce weeds in your garden. Bird feeders are available in many styles other than the basic cube-with-a-roof. Modern bird feeders include stoneware circular feeders, bright copper feeders, and even minimalist feeders specially designed to hold fresh fruit for orioles and hummingbirds.

Though the era of Modern Art ended in the 1970s, it is still a style that is very much en vogue. We don’t typically think of the outside of our homes as places where we can show off our style, but all of these common outdoor items are available in unconventional designs and colors and prove that modern art is far from dead or out of style. One of two updated items can completely change the outlook of your garden and encourage you and your guests to spend more time outside.

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