Is Your Boiler Old Enough For A Replacement?

It’s a big question many homeowners will ask themselves eventually, is it time to replace the boiler. As a rule of thumb your boiler will last between 10 to 15 years. This doesn’t mean your boiler will break down and stop working when it gets past 10 years old but rather become increasingly inefficient as time goes on. There are a few signs that you can spot showing you it may be time to replace your old boiler such as frequent breakdowns, boiler efficiency, newer technology and boiler noise.


Boiler breakdowns can be a real issue when they’re just a one off but if you’ve found that you’re constantly having boiler breakdowns and repairs it might indicate that your boiler is getting to the end of it’s lifespan. A new boiler can seem pricey at first and it is a large investment to make up front, but if you’re calling a plumber out more than once a year the service charges will begin to add up meaning the large investment of a new boiler will be worth it over time. Plus with your boiler breaking down so much your heating bills will begin to increase due to the inefficiency of your boiler.

Boiler Efficiency

As mentioned above, your boiler efficiency can really start to drop the older that your boiler becomes. You can usually find this out by checking your energy bills at the end of the month and if you’ve noticed they have begun to increase in cost then your boiler efficiency is getting worse.

Your boilers energy efficiency is rated with an ErP label which goes from A-G, A being the best and G being the worst. Most modern boilers are A rated which means they’re highly energy efficient, giving you the best savings on your energy bills, which alone may be another reason to replace your old less efficient boiler.

New Technology

As time moves on so does technology and in recent years smart heating technology has taken over many households as it makes it easy for the homeowner to control their heating system with the push of a button on their phone or PC. If you’ve got an older boiler you may be restricted to what you can do with the new smart technology and may be missing out on some of the features that will allow you to control your heating better.

Not just smart meters but modern boilers are also designed with more advanced safety features and technology to prevent hazardous issues such as a gas leak or even worse a carbon monoxide leak that could cause a very serious issue to your family and household.

Boiler Noise

If you’ve found that your central heating system, particularly your boiler, has started making noises a little out of the ordinary then it’s worth taking note as there could be an issue with your central heating. The main noise to be concerned about is a banging or humming, this is usually a sign of a serious fault in your boiler or central heating system that needs to be looked at by a heating engineer and may be a sign that it’s time to get rid of your old boiler.

Another common sound to hear is  a tapping sound on your pipes. Which normally means that there is a sludge build up in your heating system, which can be easily fixed with a power flush.


The best thing to do if you notice any of the above signs or if your boiler has broken down is to call a gas safe registered heating engineer to take a look at your heating system to see if a full replacement is needed or if your heating system can be fixed.

If a boiler replacement is recommended then then it’s best to do some research on which type of boiler is best for your home as well as some brand research. Some of the most popular boiler brands are Heatline Boilers, Worcester Bosch Boilers and Vaillant Boilers.

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