How to choose an electronic rat repeller

Are you sick and tired of rodents in your home? Thawing and chewing on your food and articles, walking around your house with their tiny little paws acting like they own the place? It is time to take care of these disgusting creatures once and for all!

The old methods involved killing mice and rats with mouse traps, put some bait on the trap and let them walk straight right into it; the greed of food would be the death of them. But as society progressed along with the technology, it also did our little bit of humanity. There are humane ways to get rid of these pests. The electronic rat repeller is a device which will compel these rats to run far away from your place, never to return. What more could you want? No need for cleaning after dead rats and no need to have the responsibility of the death of poor mice on your conscience. This device is the next big thing in the mouse repelling business because it is a humane way of repelling off mice so that there is no loss of life, and in the end, you get rid of these unhygienic pests from your home.

Working of Electronic rat repeller

This is the most humane way of getting rid of rodents. It works on the principle of sound waves, which transmits through the air making the rodents uncomfortable and eventually leaving the place till they are out of range of this disturbing vibrations.

These high-frequency sounds of these sonic devices are above the range of human hearing. The Electronic Mouse Repellers have a high frequency of almost 50 kHz. Humans can detect just 18 kHz frequency. We can’t hear high-frequency sounds above 18 kHz. Rodents can hear, however, and at first encounter when they are exposed to this high-frequency sounds, they are shocked and dizzy. They will then feel discomfort and will not be able to control their movements. After a little while, rodents will feel something is way off the mark and will end up leaving the ultrasound range. For mice to leave the house, it will take 3 to 7 days.

It is the best way to repel rodents because poisons and mousetraps are not only inhumane towards a fellow living being, but it can also harm the residents of a house, pets or children can unintentionally ingest poisons which could be fatal to them and eventually cause their death, or a person can step on a mousetrap that could lead to injury or if the spike penetrates a nerve then paralysis of the foot. So the old methods are exactly what they are; Old. These obsolete methods should be avoided now as there are much better products on the market such as electronic rat repellers.

Scientists argue that mice can get habitual to ultrasonic waves. It’s not pushing them out of your homes. Sales figures and feedback, though, reveal the real image of selling millions of digital rat repeller products. Poison and traps are also harmful to humans and other house pets.People turn to natural and safe means of repelling rats for safety assurance.

Experts recommend these guidelines to obtain electronic rat repeller as good and effective performing devices. It is advised to remove curtains and soft toys that absorb ultrasonic waves to avoid any possibility for its unavailability to reach rodents and their hiding places because they make homes in places where there is a lot of covering furniture or behind walls, therefore, it is required to place electronic rat repellers all over the spaces in your home simultaneously so that there is no place left in the house not radiating from the ultrasonic frequency.

Apart from placing these devices, you must also make sure there is no availability of food for rodents. Lack of food and uncomfortable vibrations will compel them to leave your home and move to a place where they will get their food undisturbed.

What to look for when buying an electronic rat repeller

The first and foremost thing to check in an electronic rat repeller is that if it is battery operated or that you require to plug in a socket to make it work, the wired ones are less portable, but they come cheap as there is no battery pack required. The second thing to keep under consideration is the range of the vibration it is emitting, make sure to buy an electronic rat repeller with respect to the area of your house, you may sometimes even require multiple electronic rat repellers fitted in different spaces of your home so that these rats are left with nowhere to run except away from your house.

The average time taken by rodents to leave your home after the device starts emitting its ultrasonic vibrations is 3-4 days considering a working electronic rat repeller, if the rats fail to leave after 5 days of operation then there must be a problem with the device or the range is not properly set in accordance to your house.

You must also make sure the device is not causing disturbance with humans, because it is found in rare cases some humans face a difficulty in performing tasks or feel disturbed and uncomfortable after device is put into action, if so, then you must turn it off immediately and look for an alternate solution for your rodent problem.

Top Electronic rat repellers in 2019

Rodents might be the biggest problem of humanity since the start of time. They carry germs, contaminate your food, and bring damage and disease when they enter your home.Unfortunately, they are detected when it’s too late, and they’ve already contaminated your house in a large infestation.There are two ways to exterminate rats and mice, the inhumane method of setting deadly traps or by humanely placing electronic rat repellers around your house so that these rodents leave on their own and you don’t have any mouse blood on your hands. In this guide we’ll be discussing the best electronic rat repellers out there on the market for these pests:

MaxMoxie Pest Repeller

The MaxMoxie Pest Repeller is the best electronic rat repeller on the market and tops the list, it is cheap and plugged in a socket where it will compel not only rats but also other bugs and insects to leave the area 1200sq. Feet around it. The best part about this device is that the company is offering a 30-day return policy so if you are dissatisfied with the product in any way then they will refund it without question.

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TBI Pro – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

The TBI Pro – Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is also the best electronic rat repeller if you own a large place. It has the largest coverage in all electronic rat repellers. Other than that it can purify the air in the house in a large area of 2000 sq. Feet. The best part about this device is that the customer support is available 24/7 to answer your queries making it loveable to the people who are using it.

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Apesto Car Pest Repeller

The Apesto Car Pest Repeller is the best electronic pest repeller for your automobile because it works best in short distances. It is made specifically for vehicles as it supports a power supply of 12V and 24V, which is supplied by the car. All you have to do is plug it in and let it do its magic.

The main question that was raised by scientists when testing the theory if these ultrasonic rat repellers work; They said that rodents could become habitual to the frequency.

To counter this, Apesto Car Pest Repeller has dual switches in frequency so that the rats do not get used to the same frequency, and this switch will make them uncomfortable and compel them to leave your vehicle.

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Rats are not beautiful creatures; they are irritating and need to be repelled from our households because they carry diseases, contaminate our food and create a nuisance. There are many ways to get rid of mice and other rodents and bugs from your house; you can give them poisons or bait them into a mousetrap that will lead to their death, other than that the harmful chemicals in rat poisons can also harm human beings and pets. This is why it is best to get an electronic rat repeller so that you can humanely get rid of our mammal brethren. The electronic rat repeller works on the principle of sound waves, which transmits through the air making the rodents uncomfortable and eventually leaving the place till they are out of range of these disturbing vibrations. This is the most humane and safest way to make sure the rats leave and never come back. So if you have a rodent problem in your home, you know you must avoid the obsolete poisons and mouse traps and get the electronic rat repeller best suited for you.

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