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Choosing A Modern Kitchen Design Style

When it comes to design a kitchen, there are thousands of things hovering over your mind and you have to choose a renovation or designing plan according to the budget you have set. You can either make your kitchen a modern one or contemporary, the main thing is that it must be well organized and operational according to your family’s demands. Keep one thing always in your mind that you can alter style for your needs, not your needs for the sake of style. No doubt, when it comes to the overall style of a home, kitchen is listed in main areas of home, but its better if it fulfils all of your cooking and serving needs so if you need to customize it according to your needs, its better. While designing a kitchen, there are three main points to be considered;

  • What material and color combination you are going to choose?
  • The essential equipment which you are going to have in kitchen?
  • How much storage space you need to have (in shape of cabinets, custom drawer organizers, cupboards, racks and pantry.

Everything else revolves around these three main points. Let’s suppose you have chosen to renovate your kitchen to modern style, what changes you will be making? What shape suits your kitchen the best and what are the main things to consider? We have listed a few styles to give a modern look to your kitchen.

Before we move ahead, let us make some important things clear; there are three things which emphasize your kitchen style. First of all, it depends upon the style of your home, how wide your rooms are? How isolated or joined you want your kitchen and dining area to be? How much space you can secure for your kitchen? How is the environment of your home, is it closed, warm and cozy or wide and bright leaving lots of space to move around? All of these things matter to design your kitchen. Secondly, you have to keep another element considered and that is your personal viewpoint about how functional your kitchen should be for you and your family members. Obviously you are not the only one to use your kitchen but also your kids, your elder family members and guests sometime would use it too. You have to make it smooth for everyone. And last but not the least, your desires which play a vital role while planning a style for your kitchen. Sometimes, it is not possible to keep all these points merged together in a beautiful way to create a perfect kitchen style for you but if you have a good knowledge about modern kitchen styles, you may pick the one which fits the most.

Straight I shaped kitchen


Straight design kitchen works both in wide areas and narrow ones. It means only one line of cabinets and counters to work and on the other side, rather it can be just the dining area, or a plain wall with decorating elements on it. It is up to your esthetic sense that how beautifully you can arrange your kitchen. Mostly this type of kitchen is designed where you have a studio apartment and you have to settle everything in a single room so there must be stove, at least two counters for working, a dishwasher counter and a sink. apart from that, you can make it more functional and stylish by adding open cabinets, hanging racks and shelves.

Gallery style kitchen


Gallery styled kitchen is mostly preferred for small areas as it is designed with cabinets at both sides of kitchen. It usually has lots of storage space and is somehow more functional than I-shaped kitchen because you can store everything near you. It gives you lots of area to work still the drawback of this style is it sometimes feels congested because you have counters and cabinets at both sides.

L-shaped kitchen


L-shaped kitchen is most often used where you have to join a kitchen you your lounge. It is also called an American styled kitchen. It has a straight light of counters turning at the end with two more counters giving a beautiful look to your kitchen. Its storage space is similar to a straight styled kitchen but it has one or two counters more for working.

Whatever you choose for your kitchen, it must be cost effective and best quality at the same time because you will have to check your budget but you have to install best material and machinery as well for a guaranteed durability. Keep it airy so that the smell of cooking meals can easily be vanished. If your kitchen’s ventilation will be poor, it will let oil and smoke stick on walls and wood of your kitchen. Make sure to install a high quality ventilation system for a neat and clean kitchen.


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