How Commercial Carpet Cleaners Deal With 4 Types Of Stains

There are different stains which can damage your carpets but this post will discuss the top 3 carpet issues namely spills, mold, baby mess, and pet stains. Take a read.

1. Spills

Today’s carpets are treated with coats which increase their resistance to water and common spills. They are manufactured this way to make cleaning easier. After five years, the carpet should be taken back to the manufacturer or an appropriate service provider to have it retreated with the coating. This is significant especially in high traffic places. To know when to treat your carpet, spill some water on the carpet and notice how it is being absorbed. If it seeps quickly through the fibers, you know the carpet is in critical condition. That is when you take it for treatment.

2. Mold

It is not uncommon for mold to grow on carpets. It is caused by dampness when water and other liquids reach the carpet fibers. The problem can also result from leaking water pipes in the subfloor or the surrounding walls. The other cause if failure to extract moisture completely during deep cleaning. Mold is hard to handle and it is best to leave it undisturbed. If you try to dust it off, it can spread in the air hence create health issues in your family. Unless you are an expert, you should call immediately Horsham carpet cleaning company for appropriate mold removal. Only a trained professional can handle it.

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3. Pet stains

Cat urine causes bad odor on carpets. The mess is fixed by cleaning the spot as soon as possible. If it soaks deep down the carpet backing, it will cause permanent bleaching on certain types of carpets. But there are those carpet designs which cannot be bleached by pet urine such as solution-dyed olefin, disperse-dyed polyester, and solution-dyed nylon. Nylon carpets which are dyed with acids are the most vulnerable and the problem becomes vivid once the carpet is cleaned. Darker carpets are the worst because the bleached spot will be more highlighted. So, it is crucial to address pet stains as soon as they occur to mitigate potential bleaching.

Baby mess

Baby mess requires a quick and easy solution so that life can continue normally. Deep cleaning would not be a good idea if your baby spends most of the time on the floor. What you need is a method that saves time and with consistent suction to clear the mess fast and evenly. To speed up drying time, you can use force heated air. The other thing you need is a machine that is easy to maneuver- with handles for ease of transportation. The most convenient carpet cleaning machine should allow transition between clean and soapy water without necessarily switching between tanks.

There many more types of carpet stains which have not been mentioned in this article and each one of them has a solution. Do not hesitate to contact Horsham carpet cleaning company regardless of the mess.

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