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Create A Low Maintenance Yard And Enjoy Your Free Time

People are just busy these days. There’s no way around it really. Long commutes, long work days and loads of other responsibilities. That means that your landscaping is very low on the list of priorities.

So, you either have a lawn that looks like your home is abandoned or you have to sacrifice your precious time off to do landscaping. Instead, you can recreate your yard in a way that is very low maintenance.

Get a landscaper to help you get set up with the right plants for your area and according to your needs.

Read on for some tips so you can get your yard where it can be done in less time so you can enjoy your time off relaxing in your yard.

Automatic sprinklers

The first thing you can do to reclaim your time is to simply add some sprinklers so you aren’t out there for an hour watering your lawn.

Sprinklers are also much more efficient at using the water you have as doing it by hand can have you using too much water without accuracy. You may find some spots are getting too much water and others are left without enough.

These days, you can make it even easier by using a smart system that you can program and control by an app on your smartphone.

Grow stuff you like

Maybe you just don’t like mowing the lawn and doing landscaping. But, if you had a vegetable garden then this could count more as a hobby and something you actually enjoy spending your time doing.

A vegetable garden is not low maintenance, however. But, it takes up more of your space so there is less lawn to actually take care of. Besides, it also keeps you healthy and fed and is a lot of fun to take care of.

Rock gardens

If you had a pet rock when you were young, then you remember how easy they were to take care of. Same thing with a rock garden.

All jokes aside, a rock garden can be an elegant way to landscape your yard even if you aren’t trying to look to go low maintenance. In every Japanese garden, rocks play a very important part.

You can add a lot of flair to your yard with some well placed rocks and add some plants to the same area. Go for drought tolerant plants that need little watering and add some color to your yard and brighten up the rocky area.

Use some mulch

Mulch is a great way to make your life easier in a few ways. You can have less lawn by adding areas around the borders of your lawn with mulch. This cuts down on how much you have to mow and edge.

Then there is the issue of weeding. Mulch cuts down on that tremendously as weeds can’t grow through the layer. Water usage is also cut down as the mulch stays damp longer and can help the surrounding plants keep their roots hydrated.



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